Notes: “ Damaged, repairable, rebuildable, combat veteran aircraft ” 1941 BELL Extensive collection.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Damaged, repairable, rebuildable, combat veteran aircraft ”
Model Year: 1941 Make: BELL

Extensive collection consisting of 5+ Bell P-39 Airacobra combat veterans of the pacific war. Consisting of: P-39D 41-69xx, main fuselage with nose cut off but present, wing sections present but cut up, tail section cut but good fittings patterns. full history of the aircraft available. Previously used by the NACA. P-39L unknown s/n consisting of forward fuselage from cockpit floor to gearbox attach, many usable parts, "scrapped" very recently by a crazy farmer. P-39F 41-71xx tail section including several ft of rear fuselage, vertical usable with minor repairs/reskin. P-39Q fuselage, center section, cabin, engine mount section, nose sections present but cut off by the us army. P-39Q hulk, center section full of original fittings, extrusions etc. P-39Q parts only/de riveted for patterns. Thousands of other parts including: main wing spar patterns + cad work completed, ready to remake on cnc
one complete damaged wing
several other wings disassembled or cut sections
main undercarriage
lots of wing, fuselage skins, more than one set
a set of nos wing access panels
two sets of 45 deg flap and uc gearboxes
flap and landing gear motors
flap worm drive
fuel pump/system/filters/selector parts etc
u/c doors for nose, mains (several)
complete instrument panel with all instruments and mounts
second instrument panel from P-39D needing repair
full set of left and right panels, lower panel (damaged), iff box
several sets of rudder pedal hangers, some new made, some usable, some pattern
several sets of exhaust heat shields
almost a full set of external panels, some with armor
1 new old stock gearbox, 1 used gearbox for parts or repair
nose leg with usable fork, wheel, lower leg, damaged oleo and cast scissors
new old stock box center section 90% complete with wing attach fittings
new old stock top deck panel for rear oil tank
glycol and deicer tanks
various armor plates
several front and rear armored windscreens
landing gear and flap switches
oxygen bottle
left and right cabin doors
front quarter perspex with flapper/door
3 tail sections one disassembled, one cut, one complete
at least two wing tips, one disassembled one intact
elevators, one set damaged, one set in good condition
drive shaft patterns (standard sae steel)
50 cal wing ammo boxes
37mm cannon magazine
37mm cannon gun mounts x2
various 50 cal mounts
several rear fuselage parts including top decks, some frames
several nose section pieces (inc de-skinned)/firewall/foot well sections
cockpit floor sections
nose bowl section with armor
aileron sections/spars (incomplete)
several sets of undercarriage manual retract mechanisms
drives/motors/gearing for various things
spare instruments/radio components
battery access tray
rear canopy/radio section
boxes of fittings/forgings like attach points, bell cranks etc
various extrusions
brake masters, several
extra rudder parts
good set of exhaust stubs
boxes of fittings/parts/patterns etc
lots of sheet metal patterns from all over the aircraft, a mountain of smashed up sections for patterns
90% of drawings digitised, sorted by part number, aircraft section and part name
erection & repair manuals and other documentation
some cad work (stabiliser, fin, some fuse frames ready to cut)
new front fuselage webs this is not an exhaustive list as it would take too long to go through absolutely everything, serious purchasers should contact me for more photos and info
The parts available would need at minimum one 40" and one 20" container to move. Located in Australia, Worldwide shipping is available, contact me for photographs and info, no time wasters please, this is a very extensive project that will take a lot of work to complete.
Located in Maitland, NSW, Australia.
Current date: 2019-05-08