Notes: “ Beautiful, solid, NDH, low time, 1,520 lbs useful load, IFR, ADS b compliant and in annual..

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Beautiful, solid, NDH, low time, 1,520 lbs useful load, IFR, ADS-b compliant and in annual. Not a trainer (No Spar AD issue). AFTT: 4370. SMOH: 450. Prop SNEW: 480. Paint in 2009. Interior in 2008. Always hangared. Detail photos, oil analysis, status at last annual, complete prop log, engine log since OH and air frame log for last 10 years available via link in description. If you see it and fly it, you will buy it. ”
Model Year: 1968 Make: Piper

AVIONICS EQUIPMENT: PMA8000BT Audio Panel AUTOCONTROL III AP (single axis rock solid and smooth) Yoke mounted PTT and Electronic Pitch Trim King KX-155 Nav/Comm w G/S S/N 54714 King KX-155 Nav/Comm S/N 54622 KN-64 DME S/N 12754 KR-86 ADF S/N 29305 KT-76A Transponder S/N 50754 Uavionix Skybeacon ADS-b Out KR-86 ADF S/N 29305 KI-209 VOR/LOC/G.S. Indicator S/N 20870 KI-208 VOR/LOC Indicator S/N 24328 Sandia Quattro 340A backup AI (This unit is certified as a primary instrument and it is in the primary position of the standard T but I don’t trust it IFR. The old AI is still in the panel).
OTHER MODIFICATIONS/EQUIPMENT: BAS Shoulder Harnesses with inertial reel (Pilot and Co-Pilot) Panel reconfigured to standard T Lycoming Model IO-540-K1A5 (approximately 450 SMOH; Oil Analysis Available) Hartzell HC-C3YR-1/F7663R 3-Blade Propeller (approximately 480 Hours SNew)
OTHER INFORMATION: Not a Trainer: No spar AD issue. No Damage History. Always Hangared. Paint 2009 and still looks very nice! Based on what I’ve seen people with planes for sale rating as a 7, I would call this a 9.9. An honest rating on my personal opinion is at least an 8.5. Interior 2008 and is nice. It is not leather nor the premium carpet. However, it is nice. My personal honest opinion rates this interior at least a 7.5. If I were keeping this plane, I would order the $759 carpet kit from Airtex and install it. That and a detailing would make this plane a solid 9. This plane has an old Loran unit in it. The GX55 GPS is a slide in replacement (Loran antenna is on top with coax already there for a GPS antenna replacement). I use Garmin Pilot and fly direct IFR with no problem anywhere I go. However, if I were keeping the plane, I would install the new Garmin GPS 175 (it fits in the same slot as the Loran) so I could fly RNAV approaches. Over 1,500 lbs of useful load and I’ve flown at gross on hot days. This thing is amazing! Standard (forward facing) seating configuration. Sky-Tec 149-NL Bendix Free Starter I have purchased a twin and that is the only reason I’m selling this plane. There really is no better single engine piston six seat aircraft out there. You will have a very difficult time finding a PA32 with such low time and in such great condition with over 1,500 lbs useful. This was never a bush plane, cargo hauler nor a trainer. It does not have the latest and greatest glass panel but it is a beautiful and solid IFR plane. With a Garmin 175, this plane wouldn’t need anything else. See complete oil analysis, status at last annual, complete prop log, engine log since OH and airframe log for last 10 years at: https:/
Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States.
Current date: 2019-05-31