1978 Piper tomahawk N9525T ,1978 S N; 38 78A0125, Engine S N; L 15510 15. project 80% completed.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1978
Make: Piper

tomahawk N9525T ,1978 S/N; 38-78A0125, Engine S/N; L-15510-15. project 80% completed, come with all parts , the Aircraft and the engine 0-235-L2C. is disassembled because is the only way to rebuilding in the right way. we still working on , if we complete to 100% the price will change, Radios/Nav included, New Battery,New windshield, New rear shield, apply new paint and primer. no pro strike, engine run fine, airplane is locate in Miami, Fl,
I re-listed because the last buyer never pay, I lost 3 week waiting for the payment.
Located in Miami, Florida, United States.
Current date: 2019-06-10