1997 Revolution Revolution Mini 500 with several upgrades. To start, the entire powerplant is now.

Model Year: 1997 Make: Revolution

Revolution Mini 500 with several upgrades. To start, the entire powerplant is now rubber-mounted reducing constant static frame vibrations. The Auto-lube injection system is the newer Rotax 2 stroke variable oil injection system. Heavy duty fuel pump system. And upgraded main and tail rotor blades. This airship is MUCH more safe than ever before. The Cyclic control with the multi button system is a $3,000.00 add-on too. There Police type LED strobes for outstanding visibility Anti-collision safety. An aviation radio and transponder with cables and antenna with the buy it now price. When you think about it, you can have a great "Ready to Fly" Helicopter for what just a set of main rotor blades cost on a Robinson R-44 helicopter!
History: the helicopter is basically brand new, and has never even been registered with the F.A.A. yet, and I have the complete paperwork, build manual, both doors, and the main rotor blades under the helicopter, safely packed in the storage box. The owner was an aircraft mechanic, and he built the helicopter, hovered in it several times, to build hours of training and sold it prior to getting it registered. The windshield has been removed to have a new one installed. The old windshield was cleaned with a degreasing agent which ruined the plexiglass.
I was training for my private pilot license and failed my medical. I also have a Rotorway Exec-90 with 162 upgrades. The Revolution mini 500 is perfect as a training machine and perfect for ranches to monitor hurds, to looking for Ferrell hogs that are destroying your property. The helicopter is designated as "Experimental" and can be flown over private property without any pilot"s license, HOWEVER if you value Your life, proper training should be completed prior to flying!
Payment: Prior to bidding, ask any and all questions, and any inspections you would like to be done is absolutely fine. Contact me in advance at 713 826 6883. No TEXT. No transactions will be conducted unless through EBAY! A $500.00 deposit through Pay Pal, and the remainder through money transfer at the Houston Police F.C.U. or cash prior to pickup. The helicopter is listed for sale locally and is subject to sold prior to end of auction. Anyone who bids will have first option to purchase.
Shipping: Pick up ONLY after full payment. Location Magnolia, Texas, just North west of Houston.
Located in Magnolia, Texas, United States.
Current date: 2018-12-29