Enjoy Flying again even if you have a minor health issue or so. There is no medical required and a.

Enjoy Flying again even if you have a minor health issue or so. There is no medical required and a simple Light Sport Aircraft certification to fly this ultra affordable LSA.
2007 Remos G3 with only 900 Total Time!
The aircraft is marketed in the United States as a Light Sport Aircraft, and as an ultralight in most of Europe. It is a high-wing design, mostly using engines from the Rotax 912 family.[1] It was developed from the similar Remos Gemini Ultra . The Mirage has the same layout, landing gear and structure but has a span reduced by 1.00 m (3 ft 3 in), is 170 mm ( 6.7 in) longer and is 34 kg (75 lb) heavier. The Mirage also adds an elevator trim tab and electrical flap operation. The Gemini"s standard two-stroke 48 kW (64 hp) Rotax 582 engine was replaced in the Mirage by a 60 kW (80 hp) four-stroke Rotax 912UL.[2]The wings of the G3 Mirage have a constant chord centre section with straight tapered outer panels. The inboard sections carry electrically operated flaps. There is a single lift strut on each side, attached to the lower fuselage. Behind the cabin the fuselage is slender and carries a low set, straight tapered tailplane with horn balanced elevators. The fin and rudder are straight edged and sharply tapered, the latter horn balanced and ending at the top of the fuselage. There is a small underfin.[1][3] The GX version introduced a long, integrated dorsal fin. The G3 Mirage has a tricycle undercarriage with cantilever legs mounted to the fuselage and with faired wheels.[1] The Remos is somewhat unusual among modern certificated/LSA aircraft in that it can be flown with the doors removed.[4][5]The prototype and most production Mirages have been powered by 80 hp or 100 hp variants of the Rotax 912 flat four engine. The Mirage RS/L version had a Jabiru 2200 and one aircraft (D-MPCJ) had a two-cylinder, 72 hp Swiss Auto SAB 430 turbocharged car engine, which saved 30 kg (66 lb).[1]The G3 Mirage first flew on 20 September 1997 with the lower powered Rotax. The first production aircraft also used this engine but had some small horizontal control surface modifications plus the addition of a horn balance to the rudder.[1]The GX has been the current production model since 2006 and features folding wings and monocoque carbon fiber construction. Its wing has a different airfoil than the G3, improving roll rate and giving better penetration of turbulence. The GX is fitted with either a Junkers or BRS ballistic parachute recovery system.[1]
Total Time: 900 Sold with Fresh Annual by a LSA and Rotax specialist shop.
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