Combination portable charger and analyzer for all types and ratings of Nickel Cadmium sealed or.

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Combination portable charger and analyzer for all types and ratings of Nickel Cadmium sealed or vented Lead Acid aircraft batteries.
No Programming Required
The CA-1550 CML Charger/Analyzer is a portable or benchmounted self-contained unit for charging and discharging capacity testing aircraft or ground support batteries. It is simple to use and does not require programming or use of a computer. Digital read-outs of volts, amperes and time are clearly displayed. The CA-1550 CML has been designed to accurately charge, test and guarantee the emergency capacity of sealed or vented lead-acid or nickel-cadmium batteries. Guaranteed emergency capacity is especially important for aircraft batteries.
Wide Variety of Use
The unit comes in a convenient protective carrying case. The flexibllity of charge and discharge functions of the CA-1550 CML makes it usable for a wide variety of batteries. The unit accurately charges and tests 12 or 24 volt lead-acid batteries as well as nickel-cadmium batteries from a single cell to 22 cells.
Charge and Discharge
The charge section of the CA-1550 CML allows charging at both constant potential or constant current to give maximum flexibility in selection of charge method. The charger has an adjustable charge current from 0 to 25 amperes, and an automatic times to read and/or terminate charge and discharge time.
The discharge section of the CA-1550 CML enables battery capacity testing with a constant current of 0-50 amperes. The unit automatically measures the battery voltage and passes or fails the battery depending on the battery’s ability to maintain the specified minimum voltage for the pre-settable time, (usually one hour). All meters “freeze” their readings at the end of test and the operator thereby knows the precise ampere hour capacity of the battery.
The CA-1550 CML will then recharge the battery after the cap test.
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