1965 : 680 FLP For Sale By: Private Rockwell Aero Commander 680FL P Mr. RPM turbo 800hp low time and.

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Condition: Used Model Year: 1965
Model: 680 FLP For Sale By: Private Seller
Make: Rockwell
Aero Commander 680FL-P Mr. RPM turbo 800hp low time and A/C.
Grand Commander 680 FL-P Twin 800hp AC equipped - $169,000 (Georgia)© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMapThe ultimate traveling machine. Formerly on Part 135 charter. No known damage history.
Beautiful Jet-Glow white with metallic green and gold, black stripes. Recognition lights on nacelles, Air Center mods. Eyebrow windows, winglets. and did we say Air Conditioning. Flap gap seals. This is a hauler and a fast mover. 200 mph airplane at cruise.
4900 TT with a 400 hour Western Skyways overhaul and a 1000 hour Lycoming Factory Reman. IO-720 B1B, some of the most reliable big engines made.
Skytec high-torque starters only need to spin about 2 seconds and the engines are turning on their own. Non geared engines driving Hartzell Q-Tip props. Turbo normalized for full-time optimal performance. Cruise up here where it"s fast and the temps cool. Bleed air pressurization adds comfort and safety. Oxygen system for backup. Long range fuel. Zinc chromate from the factory for corrosion protection.Airplane has been soundproofed and you can really tell it.
Baggage compartment huge. The Mr. RPM conversion was put together by the renowned Ted Smith, who designed the Aero Commander, and later the infamous Aerostar, along with a collaboration with gifted engineer Dick MacCoon. Dick MacCoon knows the airplane personally, and he signed his name on the airplane. You can see it. His signature is clear coated. Historic and deservedly so.
Annual inspection completed for September and IFR checks and Pitot Static IFR Cert from December 2020. Logbooks in hand.
Co-pilot instruments. 530 non-wass, KX-155. No ADSB installed at prseent. You pick what you want. But this is a quick and easy install because I am told the ADSB antenna can be mounted forward of the panel without intrusion into the pressure vessel. (Note on ADSB: While Garmin has a huge market share, I have enjoyed great performance in othe aircraft from the NGT-9000 Lynx all in one unit with its on built-in displays of traffic and weather, and you can split the screens. Displays on your Iphone and Ipad simultaneously through Foreflight and others)
Amazing leather interior from a 690B. Air conditioned, pressurized. Huge cargo area. Useful load probably exceeds the gross of what you trained in and more.
Master CFI and training, delivery available. Easy airplane to fly and surprisingly economical to own. You"ll be flying a mini DC-9 and have a McDonnell-Douglas style yoke in your hands with a view like that too. When you look out to your left to see your position on downwind for landing, you"ll see the runway, not something unknown. Unobstructed views. Visibility and SAFETY.
Aircraft is one of the most stable designs ever produced. Tremendous rudder authority, like a 737, makes it much easier to control than any other twin up to and through and it"s category.
The Aero Commander, in case you didn"t know, is one of the best built aircraft in the world. Read the history and you"ll know why. Truly built to military standards. Aero Commander was chosen by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower to be his Presidential aircraft.The landing gear is super strong and can be lowered at 180 mph. It is overbuilt and rarely are problems reported with this system.Airplane has newly overhauled magnetos this year, fuel pump on RE. Stainless steel sleeved lifetime hydraulic hoses throughout. Airplane has been maintained to excellence, but like all aircraft, even brand new ones, needs TLC on various areas to be perfect. Deice Boots will need replacing at some point/ Air conditioning is scheduled to receive some attention. Blowing not quite as cold as brand new, but it feels good now. Auto pilot is an old system and is disabled. At the price you"ll pay, you"ll be happy to spend some money on a good autopilot. The auto-pilot servo platforms are already in place for the flight controls, and the installation can move along faster than beginning from zero. Pressurization operates but suspect some leaks, as all pressurized birds do. With all that said, you can get in and fire it up and it will take where you want to go quickly and quietly. Right now.Log entries available. Priced accordingly. Bid and you"ll find out how reasonable you might be able to own a beautiful, amazing, super rare Twin Commander. You only go around once! You won"t regret owning this fine aircraft.
International sales welcomed. Will deliver almost anywhere, subject to negotiation at time of sale. Airplane does not leave until confirmed receipt of payment. Airplane will be sold only under contract of sale in Georgia. This is a used aircraft, and no warranty is provided for any purpose express or implied, and is sold as-is obviously. Your bid is a commitment to buy not inspect. $1,000.00 deposit required within 48 hours of auction close, which is to secure the right to purchase and for this reason is not refundable for any reason. The full purchase price must be provided to seller within 7 days. Buyer must take physical possession within 30 days of auction close or become obligated for storage at expense of buyer.
Current date: 2021-09-07