Notes: “ , see full description, ” 1995 Seawind 1995 Seawind 3000, serial #006, Turbo prop.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Used, see full description, ”
Model Year: 1995 Make: Seawind

1995 Seawind 3000, serial #006, Turbo-prop,
-230.1 TTSNEW Airframe
-High Quality build, NDH,
-Electric Gear and Flaps,
-Power open and close canopy,
-Full Canopy cover and engine plugs,
-Very wide cabin, 52” front seats, 54” rear seats,
-Experimental / Amatuer Built Airworthiness Cert.
-Electric Elevator, Rudder, and Aileron trim.
-Dual controls, dual toe brake,
-Large Aft luggage, and nose baggage as well.
-1200lb useful load.
-Custom winglets,
-100+ gallons of fuel,
-Has a deeper hull than stock Seawinds, they added to it for ocean use, can be removed for river/lake use, and to save weight.
-2089.1 TSNEW Allision B17C turbo prop,
-376 SMOH of Turbine/(Hot Section) and HMI-(1750 TBO)
-809 SMOH of Compressor
-AD compliant and updated Fuel Control Unit,
-All mandatory AD’s complied with.
-Fresh 100/200/300hr inspections,
-Lots of time remaining on all components, can email component sheet. (1000hrs+ remaining on all major components)
-Fire detection system,
-Hartzell HC-A3VF-7 full feathering and reverse prop,
-222.1 SMOH
-King KMA 24 Audio Panel
-Garmin GPS 150 (inop)
-King KY 196A Com
-King KX 165 Nav/Com
-King 76A xpdr
-Icom Marine Radio
-Northern AA83 Intercom
-4 place headsets jacks,
-S Tec A/P.
-406 ELT
-This was the real “Wolf of Wall Street’s” toy, just google it, you will see pics of the plane on the deck of “Nadine”. Original N# N137JB for Jordan B. then N333ME for Mark E. who was the Captain of the Yacht, and avid aviator. He had it built for the Wolf with an open check book, and flew it considerably.
Go anywhere, and never have a prop strike!
Current condition inspection due 3-2019, transponder cert due 5-2020, Condition inspection done by a Seawind expert, (has worked on several Seawinds, and maintains another Seawind Turbine).
Have the original and complete engine logs, unfortunately the airframe logs were reconstructed in 2006 from available resources; including receipts, yellow tags, etc. There are considerable receipts that go with the airplane. Not sure if this was because of the government seizing the aircraft or what.
I’m told the wings can easily be removed for truck transport, as gear are on the fuselage, but have never tried it.
Bottom Line:
High quality build of a very unique aircraft, that’s current and ready to go.
Runs great, incredible history, and all around cool Aircraft.
Feel free to come check it out, send a mechanic, fire it up, etc.
I’m the owner, and am very, very familiar with the usage and operation of Allison Turboprops.
Feel free to call or text me: John 717-515-3434
Located in Lititz, Pennsylvania, United States.
Current date: 2018-10-03