New This listing is for the complete SIC Type Rating on the Hawker HS 125 400 600 700 800. We.

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This listing is for the complete SIC Type Rating on the Hawker HS-125 /400 /600 /700 /800. We guarantee you will qualify on your FAA License in only 3 days. Our training includes 3 take offs and 3 landings in a Real Hawker 800 SP as pictured. The Hawker shown in pictures is the ACTUAL airplane you will pilot. You will also receive 5 hours of instrument refreshment on one of our 3 FAA Approved Flight Simulators. This includes complete ground school of aircraft systems and limitations.
New regulations states that you must have an SIC type rating on your license to fly as a co-pilot. It"s impossible to be hired without this qualification.
You will fly the Hawker 800 SP shown on pictures on the right seat and you will perform 3 takeoffs and 3 landings to a full stop.
Requirements to qualify:
- You must at least a Private Pilot license with multi-engine and instrument ratings. - You must have a minimum of a third class medical certificate.
Once you purchase our training package you will be contacted so that we can schedule a training date to your convenience. Minimum of 48 hours is required prior to initiation of training. Training is offered 7 days a week. Our training facility is located in Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Florida.
Additional training will be available starting January 2019 for the following aircraft: Learjet, Citation 500, 525, 650, Gulfstream 1 2 & 3, Challenger 600, 601, 604, Falcon 10, 20, 50, 200, 900
We are also the first company to offer the most high tech Mobile Flight Simulator. We can come to your location in our Simulation Bus. You can view pictures of our mobile simulator at the end of this picture gallery.
Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.
Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States.
Current date: 2018-09-14