A lot of pictures but not itemized of each and every thing: https: drive.google.com open.

Condition: Used

A lot of pictures but not itemized of each and every thing:
https:/ drive.google.com/open?id=1MIQizPK6rOsQPLuOQpjpZVq6HVO05ywT
All “new” parts are from the Spencer aircraft co. supplied kit.
Box 1:
1 main landing gear wheel assembly, appears new misc control cables
2 main landing gear picot support/mounting plates, new 1 main landing gear pivot tube, new (large)
1 main landing gear retract driven sprocket, new main landing gear retract chains, new in package
lead weights, presumably for nose ballast
Box 2
Landing gear retraction control head/ crank assy, new Control sticks, new
Landing light assembly, appears used
wing control surface bellcranks, new
misc attach brackets, wing hardware, new, (substantial qty) rudder hinge component box, new in package.
Substantial hardware Nose landing gear “retraction link” assy, new
Box 3
pilot/copilot control assembly (built up component, large, new) spar root plates, new flap and aileron mounts, hinges, new, substantial misc hardware
Box 4
VERY large assortment of pre-packaged and labeled hardware, too much to list accurately, 30-40 bags pre-packaged and hand labeled by Spencer Co
Nose landing gear steering bellcranks
Stainless control cables, new, appears to be complete set Strut cuffs (possible new , unsure, may be repurposed ) Substantial amount of pulleys, brackets, hinges, all new
Loose parts (all new)
Pilot/copilot foot pedal, (rudder) assembly, new with master cylinders, large Nose landing gear assembly, new, substantial part.
Front door frame, aluminum
LH door frame, composite
RH door frame, composite
LH and RH door interior trim panels, fiberglass
Front door interior trim panel , fiberglass Loose parts, cont
LH and RH under wing fairing , fiberglass
LH and RH under engine fairing, fiberglass
Engine fairing nose bowl, fiberglass
Strut cuff male/female mold set, 4 different cuffs, 8 pieces total Float mold set, 2 halves, very large items
1 original Spencer Co wing float, fiberglass aluminum fuel tank assembly
Polycarbonate Windshield/ window set , Aircraft Windshield Co, california
Approx 2.5 sets of plans, rolled, need to be sorted Huge assortment of documentation from and About spencer co. Pictures, both copy form, as a form of builder help, pictures developed from film, articles, advertisements, hand written correspondence, reference notes, plans updates, etc. Invaluable collection. Stunning items.
Parts/Donor aircraft
all wood components unairworthy. Have all sections of complete airframe. continental 0-470-v, no logs
Hartzell reversible prop, no logs, unsure of continued airworthiness or ability to overhaul complete cabin assembly . Restorable. (I would use the cabin without issues, with new glass)
Landing gear legs, rare
Main wheels, rough but possibly restorable
Nose gear assembly with wheel. Surface rust but not bad, wheel is in excellent condition. – A completed, mounted nose gear assembly is a great resource, apparently this cause builder confusion .
Wing struts, likely airworthy, with machined end fittings in excellent conditon.
Wing metal internal components in very good condition, still plated and corrosion free. Cross bracing, etc.
Fuel system, tank, pump, lines. Good install example.
Engine Mounting tower , aka “car frame” good condition with very light surface rust in spots.
Stainless steel firewall
engine cowlings in very usable conditon.
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Located in Frederick, Maryland, United States.
Current date: 2018-10-11