1956 Cessna Up for auction is a 1956 square tail Cessna 172 with parts and STC necessary for.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1956
Make: Cessna

Up for auction is a 1956 "square tail" Cessna 172 with parts and STC necessary for conversion to tail wheel. This 172 has always been registered in the dry climate of Arizona, so is remarkably free of corrosion. It had been stored in a hangar most of its life but the last owner had it on an outside tie down. Not long after he bought it, an Arizona summer dust devil picked it up from its parking spot and dropped it on its left side. The left gear casting was cracked and the bottom of the rudder slightly crushed. Also, the left wingtip, left elevator, and left side of the horizontal got bent. However, there was no propstrike and no other apparent damage.
I bought this 172 to convert to tailwheel (since it would need to be drilled apart to repair the landing gear box anyway) and spent the next several years accumulating the necessary parts to do the conversion and repairs. Unfortunately, I"ve transferred to another location and won"t be able to bring this project with me to complete.
I purchased the Fravel tailwheel conversion STC, which is serialized to this airplane, from Bill Berle of EZ Flap. All assembly instruction paperwork comes with the STC and, as you might now, this is the only tailwheel conversion STC that allows for the use of used parts, which makes the conversion project much cheaper! Under this STC, you can either fabricate a tailwheel bracket according to the included instructions or use a Cessna part, and I"m including the much more desirable "fish mouth" tailwheel bracket to use in this conversion.
I also picked up two Cessna taildragger main landing gear boxes (one from a 170 and damaged on left side, and the other from a 185 and damaged on the right side) with P-Ponk parts, as well as a set of "Lady Leg" landing gear with double puck brakes and wheels. I also kept the steps, dash hand holds, floor, and belly skins from the 170 I drilled apart for parts. A Cessna 170 tail cone with "fish mouth" tail wheel bracket and matching tailwheel assembly rounds out the parts and paperwork needed for the conversion.
Parts to accomplish the other repairs are included as well. A new Cessna outer spar repair kit, with a new outboard rib, is included. A rebuilt rudder is in clecos and ready for final assembly. Two used horizontal stabilizers (needing some repairs as shown) and a used left elevator are also included, as well as a set of used aluminum wingtips.
I removed the nav/com for use on another project but a set of VFR instruments are included, as well as an ADF and transponder. There are extra door panels and seats, should you want them. I also have a couple of later model 172 front cabin assemblies available at low cost for the buyer, should you want to convert to a center radio stack.
This 172 is currently located in my hangar at KRYN. To transport it, I recommend a sixteen foot equipment trailer and a pickup truck. S/N of aircraft is 29558 Registration number is - N7458A Total time on this airframe is 7,656.2 hours Last annual 2007 (accident happened 2008) Time since overhaul on the O-300 engine is 850 hours Details on Aircraft Comes with Airworthiness Bill of Sale All Logbooks from 1956 to Current Aircraft has Data Tag
Continental 0-300 S/N 6004 SMOH: 850.0 hours (overhauled November, 1994) Last measured compressions 76, 78, 70, 78, 74, 72 Propeller:
McCauley 1A170 S/N 63503 No dings or nicks
Damage: Aircraft lifted from tie downs by wind and dropped on left side Left wing bent - (Cessna outer spar repair kit and outer rib included) Left landing gear casting cracked - (Two used Cessna taildragger landing gear boxes included - with P-Ponk brackets) Rudder bottom slightly crunched - (Rebuilt rudder in Clecos ready for final assembly included) Left elevator and horizontal stabilizer bent - (Used left elevator and two used horizontals included) Included with this sale! !: 1956 Cessna 172, complete with damage noted above All engine and airframe logs since new, yellow tags, airworthiness certificate, and other documents Replacement rudder in Clecos Cessna 170 landing gear box, removed from ground looped aircraft drilled apart Cessna 185 landing gear box, as removed from ground looped aircraft Set of Cessna 170 "Lady Leg" landing gear with Cleveland wheels, double puck brakes, and tires Two used horizontal stabilizers Used left elevator Cessna 170A tail cone with fish mouth tailwheel bracket Scott tailwheel assembly VFR Instruments ADF receiver and Narco (?) transponder Set of used aluminum Cessna wingtips Fravel STC tailwheel conversion paperwork serialized to N7458A, including installation instructions
Located in Tucson, Arizona, United States.
Current date: 2019-06-17