TH 55A Vietnam Era Army Training Helicopter. Non airworthy helicopter for parts or maybe.

TH-55A Vietnam Era Army Training Helicopter. Non-airworthy helicopter for parts or maybe restoration. All major parts included such as engine, transmission, main rotor blades, tail rotor blades, tailboom, horizontal stab. No logs or data plate but I do have some maintenance manuals to go with it. I personally spoke with several Army pilots who flew this helicopter at Fort Wolters, Texas in the 60"s and early 70"s. This helicopter was sent to Davis Monthan AMARG on 26 November 1974 where it remained until 5 January 1989. There it left to go to a Volunteer Fire Dept at Emigrant Gap California. I can keep this helicopter in dry indoor storage until you are ready to pick it up in Pueblo West, Colorado. Current date: 2021-11-03