We have updated everything on this Speed Canard. We have a complete Advanced Flight System.

Condition: Used

We have updated everything on this Speed Canard. We have a complete Advanced Flight System installed. We have the 10.4" 5600 touch screen. Everything is just a swipe away. ADSB traffic in and out. Tru trak autipilot. All control surfaces are gap sealed.
Why is in so low time?
This Speed Canard, serial #55, has a total of 81 hours. When the factory test flew #55 for 1.1 hours. It was then shipped to Saudi Arabia where it was on display until 2002. It was purchased by 2 UPS Captains and shipped to the US. They could not get the registration for the aircraft due to Gyro Flug being out of business. I bought it in 2012 and brought it to Independence Oregon. I wrote letters and talked to the German FAA till I was blue. In 2014 I enlisted the Hillsboro FISDO. They found that the plane had not been registered anywhere except for 6 months in 1991 in Germany. In 2015 we were able to register it as a Experimental amateur built. It took to the skies in MAY 2015. In April of 2017 the FISDO called and said that they made a mistake and the correct registration should be Experimental Exhibition. It should be registered as a Gyro Flug Speed Canard. The only limitation is if you are going to fly the Speed Canard more then 25 hours a month you have to notify them of the additional hours.
This Canard is a joy to fly and it is big inside. I am 6"2" 245 lbs. It is very comfortable. My wife loves the big rear seat. We flew 3 Speed Canards to Oshkosh in 2016. They perform wonderful.
Any information you would like, just call me.
Henry Bartle
A $5,000.00 deposit is due with in 24 hours of winning bid. Payment in full with in 7 days
Located in Independence, Oregon, United States.
Current date: 2018-08-09