> 100% of the sale of this item will benefit AWA WFH Adventist World Aviation, founded in 1995.

100% of the sale of this item will benefit AWA WFH Adventist World Aviation, founded in 1995, provides air support to isolated frontier missionaries. AWA operates airbase mission sites in Guyana, Philippines, Nicaragua, Northern Canada and Alaska. Its primary mission is to provide aviation and communication support to those serving the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the hard to reach people of the earth. Mission services includes providing medical evacuation, humanitarian supply delivery and transport missionary, clinical and government workers Official eBay for Charity listing | Learn more Sale benefits a verified partner

Thorp T-18 homebuilt project plane for sale
The T-18 was designed to be easily constructed from sheets of aluminum, and use the modified Lycoming O-290G powerplant. (Origional engine is in its crate and will be included with the sale.) A labor of love that started in 1967, year by year progressed but was never totaly completed. It is brand new and the builder was very detailed in his work. He was very careful to inspect each rivit he bucked. If perfect he would move on to the next one. His attitude was "perfect is good enough" As the years passed he realized he may never finish this project he made arrangements with his wife that he woudl stop at under the 50% rule. If he passed he said "Please donate it to AWA" to whch she fufilled his wishes. The work this fellow did is as perfect as it gets! Years of labor has paid off but sadly the builder passed a couple of years back before he could see it fly. This Project plane is at the 49% build rule completed with EAA Technical Counselor Report verification 10 page report has been done. (I have attached 2 pg of a 10 page report first and last page) If you wish the entitre report please send me an email. president@flyawa.org Includes: original plans (serial #585) purchased in 1967, builders log, box of Thorp newsletters with building notes & advice, O-290G 125 hp engine, canopy, and materials and supplies to complete the project. Completed work is excellent quality. Project has been stored indoors and is in excellent condition. Original owner passed away and plane project was donated to AWA, an aviation mission non-profit. All proceeds from this sale will go towards funding future AWA aviation mission projects.
From our prespective it appears to be close to a completed stage even though it is under the 50% build rule it looks likeits about 70-80% done. The build rules are not how far along the project is but rather how many jobs performed . i.e. Building alrons is one job (So if you build both of them its a job), bucking rivits is one job, (Bucking 1 or 10,000 is only one job) etc. So you can see a person can have an aircfaft to 90% or better and still be under the 50% rule. We have most all the parts to finish. and will include all docs and parts we have for this aircraft. if you have questions about the aircraft message us using messing email
If you were to purcahse all the componants / Parts we have for the aircraft it would cost you in excess of $25,000 plus the cost of the Lycoming O290 engine. Whom ever wins this one, is going to get an eccelant deal! Happy bidding!
NOTE: The first photo is stock photo from Wiki Pee. .) Stats can be seen there. Our website is here in Smithfield, North Carolina, United States.
Current date: 2019-01-21