Notes: “ Good flying condition ” 1980's ROTEC 2 Rotec Panthers. 1 complete Panther, 1 fuselage.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Good flying condition ”
Model Year: 1980's Make: ROTEC

2 Rotec Panthers. 1 complete Panther, 1 fuselage, struts, but no wings. No motor either one. Have original build manual with handwritten notations. Windscreens on both have cracks so should be replaced. Red Panther set up for Rotax 503. not sure about blue one. Blue Panther has about a 1 1/2" deflection in main tube. My guess is hard landing. Otherwise looks great. Red Panther has heavier main tube and reinforced motor mount. Double surface Dacron wings. $1,900.00 Or best offer. Relisted. Also have a rebuilt Rotax 277 with carb, exhaust and belt redrive. $1,500. $3,000. for both Panthers and Rotax. Barnstormers
Located in Grandfield, Oklahoma, United States.
Current date: 2019-01-12