Notes: “ ,, never flown. ” Van's Aircraft Van’s RV 6 Wings. Built some time ago but never flown as.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Used,, never flown. ”
Make: Van's Aircraft

Van’s RV-6 Wings. Built some time ago but never flown as far as I know. I am not the builder. The wings have the phlogiston spars and are 95% complete. There are a few rivets that need installing as well as the fitting of the wing tips. Includes the completed flaps, ailerons and glass fiber wing tips as well as the carry through fuselage bulkhead. The workmanship is average but there are some enlarged screw holes on the tanks that will need to be addressed, perhaps just with larger countersunk washers. Tanks have been sealed with Proseal. Paintwork could be better. These would be a good start on a cheap RV-6/A project. No guarantees as to the airworthiness or suitability of these wings for any purpose.
Located in Mesa, Arizona, United States.
Current date: 2018-08-21