2016 2016 Tecnam Not just for Private Owners Flight Schools Take Note!! (High Wing model available.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Year: 2016
Model Year: 2016 Make: Tecnam
Not just for Private Owners......Flight Schools Take Note!! (High Wing model available as well -- Both with incredibly strong and well built gear system)
Looking for a sporty plane with outstanding handling characteristcs? Do you want it to be fun to fly and have all the latest technology including a Garmin Glass Touch panel, ADS-B In & Out, XM Satellite Services, Traffic, Music input, Wireless Connectivity to your tablet/phone? Should it have a Fully coupled 2-Axis Autopilot with altitude & vertical speed pre-select and much, much more?
Would it grab your attention if the stall speed of the plane were under 40 kts and it could take off and land using runway lengths measured by hundreds of feet, not thousands? What if it could climb at 1,000 - 1,500 fpm and maintain 100% power all the way to 15,000" (you can imagine the ceiling, right)? What if it could make cruise numbers of 130 kts at altitude and manage a range of over 1000nm while burning under 4 gph? And what if it could run on either 100LL or less expensive MoGas?
What if the engine were operated by a single power lever (no more mixture control) and it had electronic ignition? What if it had a solid track record of making its 2000 hour TBO without needing cylinder work? And what if the overhaul costs were a mere $13,000 when you did finally need an overhaul?
What if you were told it was a certificated aircraft you could buy today? Not a kit plan you had to build...... Would it be reassuring if the manufacturer of that aircraft were financially stable, with a history of building a line of singles and twins with global distribution for 70 years (that"s World War II).
If you"re intrigued, then welcome to the Tecnam Astore. All the above is wrapped into this 2 seat turbo-charged sport plane.
Interested in New 2018 Model?Delta Aviation is the new Tecnam Master Dealer for the Western US. If you would like to find out more about Tecnam"s line of aircraft - single and twin, both high and low wing, 2 - 11 seats, then call Dave at 303-651-6300.
Other models NEW from $130,000 - $250,000.
Twin Engine model available burning a total of 9 gph at cruise!! NEW 2018 P2006T from low $500s to $650,000s. Incredible Twin with performance like a Mooney 201..... only lower fuel burn.
Specifications - N152TU :2016 Tecnam AstoreCovered under original factory new warranty
Airframe:75 TTAF&ESpecial Paint UpgradePremium Seats w/ Interior Upgrade PackageElectric Trim
Engine:914 ULS2 Turbo-Charged 4 Cylinder 115 hp2000 TBOBest in class power to weight ratioDual Fuel - 100LL or MoGas (AKI 91 Rating -- That"s Premium Unleaded in the US)
Prop:Sensenich, 3-Blade Ground Adjustable
Avionics:Garmin G3X Touch System:Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)10" PFD10" MFD w/ XM Satellite ReceiverDual Solid-State AHRS with Reversionary Mode (PFD rolls over to MFD)Garmin 2-Axis Autopilot for G3X Touch w/ Flight Director & Electric TrimMD 305 Autopilot Panel Mount Mode Controller (Nav/Hdg/Apr, VNav/VS/IAS, Alt, Pre-select/Rate, Blue Level Panic Button for wings level)Garmin Heated AOA (Angle of Attack indicator)Garmin Engine & Airframe Interface (Flaps & Trim Position, Fuel Quantity, Fuel Press, Man. Press, RPM, Oil Press, Oil Temp, CHT, Volts)Garmin 240 Audio PanelGarmin GTR 200 ComGarmin GTX 23 Transponder w/ 20A for ADS-B Out ComplianceGarmin GDL 39R Receiver for ADS-B InGarmin MagnetometerGarmin G3X Sensor Kit
Inspection Status:Completed March, 2018. Next Due March, 2019.Remaining Factory New Warranty on Airframe and Engine - Call for Details.
Disclaimer:Delta Aviation strives to represent aircraft accurately. We often have additional high quality picture slideshows available on our website (deltaaviation.com). While we work very hard to make sure specifications are accurate, they are not guaranteed. This aircraft is subject to prior sale or withdrawal from the market without notice and the buyer assumes responsibility to ensure that aircraft and its components are as described.
Notes:Aircraft for sale elsewhere. As such, N152TU is subject to prior sale if placed under contract. If you have a serious interest, click Buy Now or make an offer using the Best Offer button. An accepted offer will become official only after completion of a formal Purchase Agreement, which will be provided to bidder with an accepted bid.
A formal Purchase Agreement must be signed by Buyer upon a winning bid of this auction. The Purchase Agreement will dictate the legalities of this sale. Email me at dave@deltaaviation.com in advance if you wish to see a copy of the PA before bidding. It"s nothing unusual and is well balanced to protect both Buyer and Seller.
1) All funds are by wire transfer only.2) Buyer to make a 10 % deposit within 2 business days to Insured Aircraft Title Services in Oklahoma City, OK. Instructions will be provided.3) Cost of escrow fees (roughly $600 - $700) will be split equally between Buyer and Seller.4) Though we would allow it, no Pre-Purchase Inspection will be required. Aircraft is covered by remaining Factory New Warranty with full coverage spinner to tail. If you desire to do an inspection, give me a ring at 303-651-6300 or email me at dave@deltaaviation.com. We"re happy to work out logistics with you.
Never done Ebay "Best Offer" before, so not quite sure how it works. Note that if somehow an offer is made and not responded to, then this is notification that it is automatically declined. Only offers specifically accepted will be deemed "accepted".
Current date: 2018-05-14