2015 Condor 2015 Condor Sky Truck Experimental Light Sport Twin Engine STOL Bush Plane. Amphibious.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 2015
Make: Condor
2015 Condor Sky Truck Experimental Light Sport Twin Engine STOL Bush Plane. Amphibious capable. It’s wings are right around 16 feet long each, 55 inches wide. It’s fuselage is 23 feet long, 42 inches wide. The cargo area with only two passengers is 42 inches wide by 5.5 feet long. It’s got a lot of wingspace for its size and weight, should have a whole lot of lift. Headspace of cargo area is minimum of 39 maximum of 45 inches. If the back, triangular area were used for cargo also, it adds an additional 30 inches. I’d suggest replacing plexiglass with smoked lexan and enclosing the entire cockpit in same. You’re gonna need to have ailerons and flaps fabricated, some other lesser parts. I can put you in touch with people who can give you estimates to fabricate and get the plane flying, including making floats if you want, after you have paid me. It’s currently located in an industrial complex, where you can rent to keep it, if you want. It’s about 10 miles from nasa, so a good place to build. It’s a project, a pretty cool one and is coming as is where is, buyer moves. Please make all inspections bidding as I will not allow somebody to decide if they want to buy it after auction end, that’s not fair to me or serious buyers/bidders. It’s really easy to move, a uhaul utility rental trailer and anything with a ball hitch does the trick for $35 a day. I’d guess wings weigh about 200 lbs each, two fit men can lift easily. Fuselage maybe 400-500 lbs but that’s a guess from moving. I’ve provided all info, to best of knowledge and will attempt to answer questions but... I left embry riddle after 911 for Marine Infantry, haven’t flown much since, 20 years later selling all assets of a failed vet non profit farm on a bay. This would’ve been the organization’s float plane for a former crew chief to complete, to use for post hurricane disaster relief. That’s pretty much all I know, am really rusty pilot, won’t be much help on technical questions but feel free to come check it out. Photos are from 04/01/2021. Full payment is due cash in person or PayPal, within 48 hours of auction close. Failure to pay will result in sale being canceled Thanks for interest and have a nice day.
Current date: 2021-05-13