2015 Condor Read whole add before bidding, please This is the would be emergency supply delivery.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 2015
Make: Condor
Read whole add before bidding, please!!!!!! This is the would be emergency supply delivery plane of a non profit, funded by a disabled combat vet. I’ve twice auctioned it now and twice had my time wasted by inconsiderate, moronic, losers, without any intent to actually buy, money to pay or means to move. Do not be the third. I know is prone to idiots and weirdos, especially on the buying end thanks to their always side against seller policy but but seriously, it’s not a difficult concept, just plain rude and inconsiderate to bid if you do not mean to buy, don’t have a penny to your name, live in Oklahoma don’t own a vehicle and have no means to move a plane from Florida, etc. You’re screwing over a non profit, funded by a disabled post 911 vet and literally taking money from hungry mouths. This is a great deal, I’ve got way more in it than it will sell for and it’s worth more than I’ve got in it. Thanks to last two jokers, payment is due IMMEDIATELY UPON AUCTION CLOSE, via PayPal, absolutely no exceptions. You can move or pay to keep where it is. It’s worth selling price for a law ornament for your kids to sit in, make pew pew noises and pretend they’re blowing up the Death Star. So please, take as a good deal and don’t screw up for others and me by being a jerk. Thanks. 2015 Condor Sky Truck Experimental Light Sport Twin Engine STOL Bush Plane. Amphibious capable. It’s wings are right around 16 feet long each, 55 inches wide. It’s fuselage is 23 feet long, 42 inches wide. The cargo area with only two passengers is 42 inches wide by 5.5 feet long. It’s got a lot of wingspace for its size and weight, should have a whole lot of lift. Headspace of cargo area is minimum of 39 maximum of 45 inches. If the back, triangular area were used for cargo also, it adds an additional 30 inches. I’d suggest replacing plexiglass with smoked lexan and enclosing the entire cockpit in same. You’re gonna need to have ailerons and flaps fabricated, some other lesser parts. Wing struts I made for demonstration purposes for the adds photos. Making them cost me more than it apparently sells for, which sucks for me, point being you’ll need to replace with solid aluminum not hollow tubing like now. It’s currently located in an industrial complex, where you can rent to keep it, if you want. It’s about 10 miles from nasa, so a good place to build. It’s a project, a pretty cool one and is coming as is where is, buyer moves. Please make all inspections bidding as I will not allow somebody to decide if they want to buy it after auction end, that’s not fair to me or serious buyers/bidders. It’s really easy to move, a uhaul utility rental trailer and anything with a ball hitch does the trick for $35 a day. I do not have any paperwork or means to get. Here’s a link to the company I was told it was made by and a similar aircraft they make now here . It’s a typical Florida thing, old man had it, was going to make it his dream plane, I guess even put small turboprops on it. He died, it sat in a hanger, until a dude at airport bought and I got from him. So I unfortunately can’t put you in touch with anybody who know more than I do, what you see is what you get. I’d advise contacting maker, seeing where that goes. Payment is due immediately upon end of auction via PayPal, no exceptions. I will not even respond, for any reason, until you have paid me in full. I don’t care what it says on ’s predetermined seller format, I’ll take payment, in full on PayPal at oefenterprises@gmail.com as soon as auction closes, like immediately not next day, only, period. Sorry for being firm but I’ve been nice, apparently this plane attracts the wrong crowd or inconsiderate, broke, dreamer, losers, I have to pay for its storage and these adds. So long as you conduct the transaction in a way befitting a normal human being, I promise you’ll find me a likable, reasonable, very easy, chill dude to deal with. Thanks and have a great day.
Current date: 2021-06-11