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dpwake (1062 ) : Dpwake Concert Shirts - Musical T-Shirts NWT, NWOT, Gtly Used Tie Collectors Corner Cups and Mugs Emo, Rave, Indio, Punk Clothe Airship - GEFA Flug AS105 GD-4 G-OZSB
The Gefa-Flug thermal airship is a four seat design and is 135 ft long (nearly half of a football field). It has full aircraft communications capability including a Mode C transponder, which will allow it to operate in and around congested, tower controlled airspace.The EnvelopeThe AS 105 GD envelope (inflated part) has a volume of 105,943 cu.ft. and is capable of carrying two specially fitted main banners, which provide an advertising area of nearly 4000 square feet. Our envelope is also set up for "chin" banners up front and there are smaller advertising areas available on the envelope for sewn banners or artwork. The combined banner area is nearly 5000 square feet, more than SEVEN standard highway billboards. The use of banners allows a one day change out for special promotions.
Envelope built 2006, 19:40 hrs.Cart and burners built 2000, 1256:25 hrs.Rotax 582UL Engine, built 2005, 213:50 total hrs (ONLY 1 hrs since SMOH 03/2020)3x Cameron CB2380S Titanium cylinders (15 gl / 60 liter), TEMA fittingsDittel FSG 71M VHF/AM Com TransceiverBendix/King KT 76A TSO TransponderFlytec 3040 Flight instrument
Comes with trailer, tarps, all accessory equipment to inflate and fly, 10 used main banners and 2 new unused nose banners, and a second non-airworthy envelope.Only 2:40 hrs since last annual CofA inspection.In very clean condition (always used tarps, even on green grass).Buyer is responsible for pick-up or shipping.
Current date: 2021-05-19