1942 Stearman Extremely low time plane with only 1458 AFTT. R 985 14B SMOH:464. Hamilton Standard.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1942
Make: Stearman

Extremely low time plane with only 1458 AFTT. R-985-14B SMOH:464. Hamilton Standard 2D30 with 6101A blades (109") SPOH:188 by Maxwell Propellers. Fresh annual with compression 80/80 for all but one cylinder which was 79/80. Redline brakes, ADC oil filter system, smoke system, complete logs dating back to the factory test flight,including Naval logs. Custom Beech 18 cowling. Converted and reconditioned from duster service in 1985. Paint and fabric has some wear and cracking in areas but still punches fine and esthetically very nice. The fuselage has been metalized utilizing the original bird cage so it would be easily converted back to fabric if one desired. The metal job on the fuselage was done very well, and does not compromise the original lines of the fuselage. A nice design feature now in its current configuration, is the complete floor and turtle deck are removable. This allows inspection and maintenance possible where usually there is no access. The plane is currently Experimental which some people prefer, but if Standard Category was the objective it would most likely be achieved, as this plane has the original Data plate and thorough maintenance records. The plane also has a "sister ship" of the exact same modifications which was placed in Standard category, which would assist in the process as an example. This Stearman flies great and is a blast to fly. It is flown regularly so times will change. If you have ever thought of buying a Stearman, the 450 delivers in performance and fun where the original 220 can not. There is no comparison. It"s true they burn a bit more fuel but the payback is worth it and much more. This plane and a couple more are being sold to make space for a new project. I will also included two emergency chutes. If any additional questions feel free to call me, please only call if serious about purchasing. I am not looking for any trades at this time. https:/ here in Verona, Wisconsin, United States.
Current date: 2018-05-30