“A nice, mostly original PA 12 Super Cruiser. Flies nice. Looking for a new loving home.” Smokin.

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Smokin Rivet Airparts

smokinrivetairpartsandsalvage (76 ) 100% Search within store : Smokin Rivet Airparts 1947 Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser. S/N 12-3922. 2881 ACTT. Approx. 700 SMOH, Lycoming O-290-D, 125 HP. Top OH: 2005 at 458 SMOH. Compressions: 74, 72, 72, 72. Last annual: 05/2019. Fabric Date: 1986. Fabric very good condition--passes test. Aircraft always hangared. Sealed struts installed. Airframe logs since 1956. Engine logs since 1959 (866 hrs. TIS). Aircraft has past damage history (1940"s, 1950"s & 1960"s)--nothing noted since then--all 337"s available since new. Major upgrades/replacements: 2009: Plane Power Alternator & Regulator. 2013: OH muffler. A/C at Black River Falls (KBCK), Wisconsin. No trades please. Aircraft will be sold as-is, where-is, with all faults. Aircraft is currently in annual and airworthy. Showings of aircraft in person can normally be arranged as well with 48 hours prior notice. Buyer to take delivery within 15 calendar days of sale date (with day 1 being the date of sale). If no prior arrangements are made, after 15 days, buyer will incur a $15.00 / day storage fee up to 30 calendar days from sale date. If buyer does not take delivery within 30 calendar days after sale, sale will be null and void, and buyer will forfeit storage fees incurred from Day 15 through Day 30 (15 days X $15/day = $225) and an additional $500 fee for lost marketing time. All other monies will be returned upon cancellation of sale for exceeding 30 days. Sales cancellations prior to the 15 day storage limit, will incur a $200 dollar fee for lost marketing time. All other monies will be returned upon cancellation of sale. Delivery for expenses may also be an option. Please contact me via Ebay if interested in this option. No storage charges will be incurred if delivery option is selected and we are unable to fly due to weather or other circumstances. Please contact me for delivery options and details. This is a nice airplane that will look really nice in your hangar. I can answer most questions with my notes, however, I can also ask the owner for any needed information as well (assisting owner with sale). Can also get scans of logbooks and 337"s if desired. You know how good this little bird will look in your hangar--buy today and enjoy this classic Piper taildragger.
Current date: 2019-10-11