“1950 BONANZA, nicely updated, 6983TT, 636 SMOH on updated IO 470This airplane was not landed gear.

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Model Year: 1950 Make: Beech
1950 BONANZA, nicely updated, 6983TT, 636 SMOH on updated IO-470 engine, many airframe mods, partial gear retraction on ground, no belly damage, cheap! This B-35 BONANZA has many desirable cosmetic and performance upgrades. The most important being the upgrade to a continental IO-470J engine! The conversion from the old E-185/E-225 series engine to the more modern, fuel injected IO-470J updates this airplane greatly! The IO-470J produces more power than *B* model came with, of course, but also is easier to maintain, weighs less, has better parts availability, eliminates the wobble pump, pressure carb issues, and runs far smoother! Another major advantage is that the IO-470 uses a variety of modern McCauley and Hartzell propellers, either 2 blade or 3 blade, unlike the *E* series engines which only use the old style Hartzell. In addition, this airplane also benefits from a host of other cosmetic and performance improvements, including: 3rd side window 1 piece windshield „frameless“ forward side windows „M-35“ style Horner wingtips Fuselage 20 gallon aux fuel tank Tail „strakes“ for high speed stability Dual fuselage strobes (one belly, one top) Exterior is overall white withe red wide stripes, and thin orange accent stripes, look good. Inside has been updated as well, with red cloth upholstery, but the co-pilots seat has a serious rip on the back from a dog since redo. Covers for the front seats are recommended. The interior also has: RAM’s horn control wheel Front seat shoulder harnesses All of the flight instruments are late style, including attitude indicator, D.G., turn coordinator, altimeter and VSI. Even the airspeed is a later unit, with MHP and knots! Engine instrumentation has also been updated. Including: Manifold pressure/fuel flow split gauge Late model tach Digital ETT This airplane was not landed gear up, as many retractable gear airplanes seem to be, but it appears that the gear started to retract during roll out or taxi. The advantages to this type of incident over a standard gear up is obvious… No belly scraping! Take a look at the included photos. Notice how all of the belly skins are undamaged! Even the belly mounted strobe glass and the belly antennas are undamaged! What was hurt are the following: The boarding step, the nose gear doors and both inboard gear doors. That is of the airframe damage. If you noticed that all of these items are simply bolt-on replacements. You are right! There is no damage noted to the exhaust pipes or cowl flaps. There is no damage to the wings, wing tips, pitot tube or ailerons. There is no known damage to the cabin, tail cone or tail feathers. The landing gear legs themselves do not appear damaged. The McCauley 2A36C23 propeller hit the ground of course, and will require replacement. This is a very recent overhaul (5/2013) to new limits and new Continental cylinders were installed at the overhaul (last compressions all in the 70`s) so a major overhaul is not required or suggested. Some of the avionics panel units have been removed, but the trays and wiring for a King KX-170B and Narco transponder are installed and intact, and the PM1000 4 place intercom and 3 light marker beacon lights/receiver are installed and included. Located at the Mesa airport, just outside of Phoenix proper. Sold with all logbooks for airframe, engine and prop since new. Plus FAA bill of sale and FAA airworthiness certificate. This is a far easier airplane to fix than a gear up. Guaranteed! And it is priced so cheap, you can buy it for yourself (or your son/daughter) to learn to fly in and/or build complex/high performance time in! Good, cheap, easy Bonanza with updated engine and mods. Here is the link for the photos and all logbooks since new. here here
Current date: 2020-03-15