1957 Beech 1957 Beech Bonanza H35, 6150TT, O 470, 766 SMOH Beautiful paint and recent leather.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1957
Make: Beech
1957 Beech Bonanza H35, 6150TT, O-470, 766 SMOH Beautiful paint and recent leather interior! Partial gear up, landing gear was inadvertently retracted after landing. There is scraping on the bottom edge of the nose bowl. Both main gear doors are damaged. Both inboard main gear doors are also damaged. Both exhaust pipes and the cowl flaps, all farther back of the cowling, are not scraped or damaged. The flaps are not scraped.The belly skins are not scraped.Large fiberglass antenna on the forward belly is damaged.Prop blades are damaged.
Now the good news...One piece windshield.Thicker, frameless side glass.Beautiful paint scheme.Beautiful recent two tone leather interior (2017)Century II Autopilot system, heading bug, wing leveler and radio coupling.The dash is complete with all gauges and flight instruments except for the Narco Nav-Com panel unit and indicator. Trays and wiring are still installed.Sold with logs since new, FAA Bill of Sale and airworthiness certificate.
Located in Linton, ND. I will pay the hangar fee for thirty (30) days from the end of the auction and buyer will be responsible for storage thereafter if you need more time to move the airplane.
The doctor advised I may never see it fly.
Please ask questions! I am not at the location of the aircraft.
Also have bigger engine to replace original if interested. Will sell for $7000. Continental E-225-8 engine removed from E35 bonanza two bad cylinders.
Current date: 2019-11-29