1964 Featured Refinements: Cessna 172 Well after some serious consideration I have decided to sell.

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Condition: Used Model Year: 1964
Featured Refinements: Cessna 172
Well after some serious consideration I have decided to sell my 172E model Cessna.I have owned this airplane for about 10 years and I am my own IA and have maintained it meticulously.It will come with a fresh annual when sold.Asof this listing it is not ADS-B out compliant .The Airframe comes in at 3930.6 Hrs TTSN and the engine has 1870.6 SMOH however it also was topped completely 110. hrs ago with overhauled cylinders that are standard steel.New pistons,rings,valves,the whole nine yards was done at the top.The engine is on oil analysis and runs flawlessly.I could not bring myself to tear down an engine that is running so good,however I did make myself top it.It was painted in 2013 with a modern paint scheme and jetglo.Herin lies my reason for selling,The airplane is tied down at my friends 4800 ft sod strip.I dont fly the airplane enough to justify keeping it and paying insurance,and now the new paint is beginning to show signs of aging due to being outside.This airplane deserves a hangar.These is soime paint flaking on the horz.Stab and rudder.Right now I would rate the paint at an 8.5.The inside is a perfect 10 with new upholstery and very nice plastic.The panel is in great shape with a King Audio panel,KX 125 is the primary NAV-Com backed up with a time proven KX-170B,King KLN-89B GPs and two Ifly yoke mounted GPS navigators.It has Rosan sunshades,and Door Stewards installed.All papewrwork is in order and no liens are against it.I believe that one of the pushrods may be leaking a drop of oil every now and then cause I can see a little oil on the nose wheelpant.I have the main wheelpants that have just been completely redone with paint and decals ,I just havent installed them yet.This airplane is very,very nice and is not cheap,I do not have to sell it but I will if the right buyer comes along.The cabin has been covered from day one and all the glass is excellent.Everything works except one of the iflys GPS and thats a power wire going to a circuit breaker..Feel free to come fly it and bring your mechanic.I just need a few days notice because I have doctors appointments weekly.Another reason for selling.No one will go wrong with this airplane.Im starting this auction at 32,000 and it wont leave for that,so good luck. Almost forgot it has a four place voice activated intercom and 4 David Clark headsets go with it along with a freshly repaired KX-170 B Spare radio and a Garmin GTX-327 transponder.The static system is due to be certified this year. Sorry that the pics came out sideways.What yall waitig for
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