“Annual Inspection September 30 2020. Aircraft Total time is 5664.4. This time will change as.

Item specifics Condition: Seller Notes:
Year: 1964 For Sale By: Private Seller
Model Year: 1964 Model: 310I
Make: Cessna Featured Refinements: Cessna 310
1964 Cessna 310I N6PK
Serial Number 310-I 0021
300HP Colemill conversion

Total Time Airframe: 5664.4
Left Engine IO520E TTSN 1695.1
Right Engine IO520E TTSN 1717.5
Left Propeller: 287.0
Right Propeller: 838.6
This aircraft is in good condition for its age. The paint is a 5 the interior is a 6. There is light hail damage on the horizontal stabilizer. The oxygen system is inop and the propellers are not heated. No auto pilot is installed. The heater is working fine. The engines are in good condition. The compression on both engines as of September 30 2020 and are as follows:
Left engine: 1- 66/80; 2- 70/80; 3- 72/80; 4- 62/80; 5- 70/80; 6- 72/80.
Right Engine: 1- 65/80; 2- 66/80; 3- 74/80; 4- 62/80; 5- 60/80; 6- 73/80.
I have a Continental IO 520 E core with this sale. That means when you install a new or rebuilt engine you do not have to have the plane down while the engine is exchanged or rebuilt.

purchasing this plane at the listed buy it now price will also include a electric PowerTow (Retails for 2500.00) and 28 volt APU (retails for 1000.00). These items will not be included in the sale for a negotiated best offer deal.
Current date: 2020-10-26