1967 Mooney I think that it’s important to note, again, this aircraft is NOT AIRWORTHY. Again, it is.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1967
Make: Mooney
I think that it’s important to note, again, this aircraft is NOT AIRWORTHY. Again, it is not airworthy. We were in the middle of getting the engine ready to fire and perform an annual inspection when we found the corrosion issue. At this point we stopped, because this was more than we wanted to get into. I think that it’s reasonable to assume that you are not flying the bird home without a lot of work. Hangar is available to the buyer for work and/or tear down until 30 June. Plane must be gone by this day, or moved to another hanger on the field. The buyer is responsible for making these arrangements with the airport manager. My partner is an A&P mechanic, and we would be happy to talk to any prospective buyers on the phone to give them a complete rundown on the condition. We had this conversation with a buyer who chose the buy it now option, then walked away. In addition to answering any questions, the plane is available for an inspection at any time. Inspection should be performed before you bid or buy.
Having said that, read on...
1967 Mooney M20E. The aircraft is currently not airworthy. This was my father-in-laws plane. When he could no longer fly, he decided to park the plane. It has been parked and out of annual for some time. We recently purchased her to try to get it airworthy again, but we found a corrosion issue on the right main spar, just outboard of the fuel tank. Some have told us that this is fixable, but it"s more than we want to take on. We would like to just cut our losses.
Other than the corrosion issue, the plane is still in good condition. The paint will buff to a shine. I would rate the exterior a 6-7 out of 10. The interior....well, it"s definitely dated. As for avionics, it"s bare bones.
The plane has been stored indoors in a hangar since parked.
N3247F Manufacture date:4-28-1967Serial Number 670040Total airframe time: 4,391.7
Engine: Lycoming IO-360-A1ASerial Number: L14558-51ASMOH 1,192.3
Johnson bar retractable landing gear.
We started to pull the interior our to try to do an annual inspection to obtain a ferry permit, but stopped when we found the corrosion issue. We have all log books for the airframe, engine, and propellor.
The aircraft is located at 86G Harrison county, 43907, in Ohio. This is an un-airworthy aircraft. We offer it with no warrantees or guarantees. What you see is what you get. The plane is complete and everything is there.
Local pickup only. Buyer is responsible to pick up and move the aircraft at their own expense. We are willing to negotiate with the buyer to temporarily store the aircraft until pickup, but only after we have discussed this and have made an agreement.
Other information available upon request. The item is listed for sale locally, so we reserve the right to end the auction at any time.
Current date: 2020-05-07