Notes: “ Completely Restored ” 1972 Piper 1972 Piper Arrow II 200HP Lycoming IO 360C1C FOR SALE BY.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Completely Restored ”
Model Year: 1972 Make: Piper

I bought this Arrow from a gentleman in TN to do CFI-I for my son. . now that is almost complete, I"ve decided to sell the Arrow. I bought this Arrow because I had a very unfortunate experience with my last " Special" Arrow. .needless to say, I wanted the best Arrow I could buy, I really didn"t care what it cost. .I had 5 pre buys done on 5 planes, and this one was the best. I own it outright with no liens or other encumbrances, We still actively fly it, and will continue to do so until it is sold.
Here is all the specs:
1972 Piper Arrow II Serial # 28R-7335024 N121DB
TTAF 4750 Engine OH @ 3417.38 1332 SMOH (1993) but new case/cam so the OH date is irrelevant. Avionics: Bendix KSN 770 WAAS GPS (honestly like it better than my GTN 750) $22,000 installed (2017) (Com/Nav1) Garmin SL 30 Com II Coupled to KI 204 CDI (Com/Nav2) DAC GDC 31 GPSS Steering STEC 60 PSS Autopilot (Altitude Hold, VS control, GS Coupling) ($24,000 installed (2017) KT 74 ADS-B Transponder ($4,500 2017) KMA 30 Audio Panel with Bluetooth, 4 place intercom ($2,500) KGX-130 Wifi Module Century NSD Slaving HSI with Bootstrapping ($3,000) Garmin MX20 MFD
New Paint May 2017 (Flying Colors Leesburg, FL ) ($18,000) All new windows 1/4" 2017 ($4,500)
Complete new interior 2016 ($9,000) Rosen Visors
Last 2 annuals have been $8,000 to $10,000 each. Everything is new, hoses, motor mounts, mags, tires, brakes, landing gear all rebuilt, electric trim rebuilt, exhaust, ect.
Annual Due: 7/19 IFR Due 7/19
This plane had had over $120,000 invested in it in the past 24 months. Will pass any pre-buy you wish to have.
Excellent rigging, flies as straight as well. .an Arrow!
A fun, easy to fly, complex 140kt airplane that looks brand new and has nothing "inoperable". This ship has never been a trainer, spar SB complied with, and recently a eddy current test of the spars and inspection of the wing attach points. That ER Arrow that the wing fell of makes you think! All is well on this plane!
This is a seriously capable IFR Machine, GPSS flys approaches and even glide slope couples, flies holds, ect. It"s really intuitive, listen to music on the bluetooth. .watch traffic on the GPS or your Ipad, the system is integrated to show traffic and everything else on Foreflight.
1050lb useful load.
Theres a few things in the pictures that I"ve updated in the past month that are not pictured, a few interior plastics like the throttle quadrant, some placards, etc. were all replaced via plane plastics. I also installed Rosen Visors ($700)
A few notes on the KSN 770, It is the Bendix version of the Garmin 750. It"s very new, and outshines the 650/750 in my opinion because of the FMS, soft keys and touch screen, this is the 16W version. .so I typically use Com II because I don"t want to hear the CTAF from every airport within 100 miles! I think some people are scared of the KSN 770, because really nobody has ever used one. A few hours with it, and honestly you"ll never go back.
I"m in no rush to sell, you"ve got to figure, the guy I bought it from started with a $50,000 Arrow and threw over $120,000 into it. What a way to loose your shorts! She"s a great plane with excellent logs, stellar paint, new interior. .a killer panel. I"d keep it, but we"re looking for something bigger!
You can reach me at 630 273 7595
My plane is registered to me, I refuse to take it anywhere other than my hangar for a Pre-Buy Inspection. I"m always open to trades for someone that wants to downsize!
Located in Itasca, Illinois, United States.
Current date: 2018-10-01