Piper 1974 1974 Piper Warrior4470 total timeNever a TrainerZero CorrosionNo Damage HistoryExtensive.

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Make: Piper Model Year: 1974
1974 Piper Warrior4470 total timeNever a TrainerZero CorrosionNo Damage HistoryExtensive Annual Just Completed
No Stories No Drama No Liens
1974 Piper Warrior 160HP Lycoming O-320-E3D 3 HOURS SINCE FIREWALL FORWARD OVERHAUL BY BOLDUC!!! ($41,000)
If you"ve been looking for a great first airplane, or a excellent, docile plane to fly, this is it!
There are some airplanes out there with mid time motors, or that may have low time, but were overhauled 10-20 years ago. As a longtime airplane owner, I can tell you something....these are Lycomings...stop buying crap shoot airplanes! These cams rust with inactivity, requiring a overhaul when the hardening comes off the camshaft...you can"t see the cam during any inspection...and they all corrode. In my opinion...I price anything that was overhauled more than 5 years ago or flown less. than 50-60 hours a year...a run out engine. Do you want to fly your family in a plane with a carburetor that was overhauled in 1992....think about this.
I"ve been flying airplanes for many years...and have learned the hard way many times...any Lycoming that has been sitting or not flown at least 75 hours a year will exhibit cam corrosion.
This airplane has just had a major overhaul completed a few months ago, and has nothing but a few test flights on the engine and firewall forward overhaul. This means everything, forward of the firewall was overhauled. Nobody realizes this, but even on a warrior, a firewall forward overhaul with parts and labor can reach $40k easily, when done by a reputable shop.
This engine is under warranty and is transferrable to the owner.
This airplane has always been a dry country aircraft, zero corrosion...and although it has dual brakes, was never used as a trainer.
The paint is very serviceable, as well as the interior...a bit dated, but very usable as-is. The Warrior has all new windows this year.
There is no hail dents, hangar rash, etc. on my Warrior.
The radios work well, with a KX170 NAV/COM (just rebuilt by RC Avionics) and a Stratus ADS/B IN/OUT transponder.
It has a low 4700 hours total time
It has had a extensive annual this year...and is ready to FLY....
Plane is for sale locally and auction WILL be ended in the event of a sale outside of .
I can deliver this airplane anywhere in the lower 48 States....any day of the week. (Must be paid for)
Remember, $55,000 was put into this airplane in the past 3 flight hours...and money well spent. This will be a fantastic deal and a peace of mind purchase for anyone.
Current date: 2020-06-13