“The interior is in amazing condition. There are new leather seats and upgraded panels throughout..

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Make: Bellanca Model Year: 1976
About my Super Viking: I purchased my Super Viking about 10 years ago. The previous owner had a soft prop-strike when he slid off the runway in wet weather. Although the engine appeared to be in good mechanical condition, FAA regulations dictated a full engine rebuild. So I had the engine completely rebuilt. I also purchased a new prop, new gear, and a ton of new/used parts all tagged. Once the engine was rebuilt, I had trouble finding someone to help put the wings back on the plane. I have moved it to 3 separate airports and still have not fully reassembled all the wing controls to the fuselage. The plane is currently at Tampa Executive Airport in Tampa, FL. The interior is in amazing condition. There are new leather seats and upgraded panels throughout. It smells like a baseball glove inside the cockpit. I have put a bunch of the extra parts in the cockpit you can see them from some of the pictures. The exterior fabric has some small places that need to be repaired. She is dirty from sitting on the flight line. I have taken a bunch of pictures so you can see everything about the plane. If there are specific questions please ask me and I will do my best to get you an answer. If you are looking for someone to restore my Viking to flight ready condition - I have a certified flight mechanic that runs the maintenance shop at Tampa Executive. He has the ability and interest in restoring this Super Viking. Contact me via EBAY message and I will provide you with his name so that you may contact him with any questions. Below is some information about the Super Viking. Hope this helps answer any questions. Flight controls: Quick and responsive and a joy to fly. Ailerons: Fast and positive Rudder: Well look at it! You don?t have to move it very far. Regarding cross wind landings one well know pilot said: "You?ll run out of guts long before you run out of rudder.? People say the elevator is heavy. I would call that a stable IFR platform. When I trim for 115 on IFR approach it stays there. It?s very simple to adjust power to stay on the glide slope. Room in the cockpit: More than a Mooney, less than a Cessna. I am 6"4" tall and weigh 280 pounds and I don"t think an adult could sit behind me. But I rarely fly with anyone in the back seat. I didn"t buy this plane to be a bus. Weight and Balance: Departing at max gross weight has never been an issue. Other than rate of climb the airplane feels normal. The front seats are on the CG and I"ve never seen a balance issue even with the aft tank full and the baggage compartment stuffed full. Turbulence: There was a story about going to pick up a Viking in a Cessna 210. Coming home the Viking flew in formation with the 210. The pilot of the 210 was complaining of turbulence and hitting his head on the ceiling. The Viking pilot replied; What turbulence? The Viking wing is made to bend and in turbulence I have seen the wing tips flex. Wood bends and recovers, metal fails, makes a much smoother ride. Strength: Bellanca"s in general are built for acrobatics and the Viking was no exception. However, the Super Viking was not certified for acrobatics. As I understand it"s a cost issue and Bellanca is not a large company. There is a story about the Viking going though certification where the FAA fails the wing. The jig could bend the wing 4" before the wing tip hit the floor. The Viking wing didn"t fail! One FAA inspector wanted to reset the jig to force a failure. To this the other FAA inspector simply said; Why? The Numbers ! 1976 Bellanca Super Viking 17-31ATC (Turbo) Seats 4 Empty Weight 2320lbs Long Range Fuel Option 75 gallons Range of Aircraft 1030 sm Range of my Bladder 550 sm Baggage Capacity 186 lbs Max Weight 3325 lbs Rate of Climb at Sea Level 1170 fpm Service Ceiling 24,000 feet Cruise Speed @ 75% power 228mph / 198 knots Stall Speed Dirty 70 mph / 61 knots I find that I do not have time to finish the repairs to my Super Viking so I am selling it "Where Is" and "As Is". The winning bidder will be responsible for moving the plane or having it repaired where it is and flying it home. I have moved my plane 2 times and have a picture attached showing how I trailered her.
Current date: 2020-03-13