Piper 1981 Hello this a 1981 piper warrior pa 28 161. It is a complete airplane with a Lycoming 0.

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Make: Piper Model Year: 1981
Hello this a 1981 piper warrior pa-28-161. It is a complete airplane with a Lycoming 0-320-D3G engine. It is a high time airplane but a desirable airplane clocking in at TTA: 17419.5 and the engine is TSMO: 3798.8 TTIS: 7940.7. I have the logbooks from 2-99 and on. The last annual was completed on 2-13 for the airframe and engine. It has the a FAA 337 for the Petersen auto fuel STC and a 337 for the one piece instrument panel along with other 337"s. The W&B show a useful load of 972lbs. I haven"t seen the airplane up close I bought it in a package deal and is located in LaPorte TX. I"m in NC and have a current registration for the airplane and will meet buyer at the airport in TX. The fbo line guys took the pictures and gave me a brief overview of what they seen. They said the left middle window was broken and the right door window was broken I have sent replacement windows for those 2 to be replaced. The rod end for the left flap is broken. The side step is missing. The stall horn on the left wing is broken. They said the carpet is shot but seats maybe ok. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer them as best I can because I"m not located where the plane is. The aircraft is at T41.
Current date: 2019-09-08