Evans 1993 Hi this is my 1993 Evans Volksplane built by an A P. I am selling this to clear the way.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Evans
Model Year: 1993
Hi this is my 1993 Evans Volksplane built by an A/P. I am selling this to clear the way for another project I have. This plane was built in 1993 by an A/P and has an airworthiness certificate and registration. I have all the flight test logs as well as the aircraft logs. Since it has an airworthiness certificate there are no restrictions on the aircraft. Getting the airworthiness is a long process and requires builder"s logs and a bunch of other red tape from the FAA. Since this plane has it done already that makes it much easier to get this bird flying. The fabric needs replaced on both wings. I removed the fabric on the left wing and started making some small wood repairs to the wing. It needs to be finished and recovered. I have all the components to this plane except the engine cowling which can be made easily out of fiberglass. The engine is a 65HP 1600cc Volkswagen engine that has been converted for aviation use. It has an upgraded crank and has a Slick aircraft magneto with aircraft spark plugs. The airframe has 50 hours total and the engine has around 10hours on it. it has good compression and I"ve had the engine running and it ran well. It has a POSA fuel injector carb. The prop is in good usable shape. The fuel tank is an extended range tank. The plane has hydraulic heel brakes. These are pretty rare planes! they are cheap to fly! Around $12/hr to operate. I have all the instruments as well as some extra parts. All in all this would take around 100 hours to get airworthy and about $1200 to re-cover. I have the schematics and builder"s plans for all the repairs as well as the operator"s manuals.
Current date: 2021-04-04