Antares 2007 This one is really nice trike to go soaring in thermals. This one is great for long.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Antares
Model Year: 2007
This one is really nice trike to go soaring in thermals. This one is great for long distance trip.Antares ultralight trike 2-stroke/51 hp with low hours. It"s a weight-shift controls, 2 seater, open cockpit, tricycle landing gear, engine and pusher propeller, 10 gal fuel tank. Engine is in excellent condition, great tuned up. Always been in hangar. New paint with metal flakes.This is a N-numbered aircraft powered by a Rotax Air Cooled 503 DCDI motor, 51 hp, with only 139 hours, electric key starter and emergency pull start, new panel, new IVO propellers. Panel comes with Airspeed, Altimeter, Variometer, Cylinder Head Temp (CHT), Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge (EGT), RPM gauge and Fuel level.It is equipped with a Northwing Mustang-2 15 meter strutted wing with bag, a BRS-5 model 900 Ballistic Reserve Parachute in the event of an emergency while in flight.* A pair of training bar.
* Electric Start* Light Weight Lithium Battery* IVOPROP 3 Blade Propeller* Cockpit, Wheel Pants, Centre Console and 2 travel side bags* Strong carriage for landing* Has 12v plug* Wind sheild* 10 gallon gas tank* 4" wheel/tires with front wheel disk brake* Dual Steering/foot throttle* Fully upholstered custom seating* Single or dual occupant for instructional potentialThe Antares is a line of two-seat ultra light trikes designed and produced by Antares. The aircraft are supplied as a completed aircraft.The aircraft wing is made from bolted-together aluminum tubing, with its single or optionally double surface wing covered in Dacron sailcloth. It"s strutted and it"s foldable and leave it on the trike while in storage. Number of seats Two Control mechanism Weight Shift Aircraft weight dry 413 Lbs./186 kg Aircraft weight maximum load 990 Lbs./450 kg Take off distance @ maximum load 183 feet (hard surface)/ 55 meters Take off distance (soft field) 247 feet / 74meters Climb speed @ 43 m.p.h. 799 feet/minute; 5.5 Meters/ sec. Maximum G-load at max. take off weight +6/-3 Maximum altitude 20,500 feet/6200 m Maximum fuel 10 gals 200 miles w/ .5 hr. reserve Tire Size 4" wide inches Front Brake mechanical disk Trike Weight 305 Lbs., 137 kg Engine models Rotax 503 Horsepower 51 Gearbox E 2,62 Cooling system Fan Engine lubrication 1:50 ratio Oil type 2-cycle API-TC Gasoline ASTM D4814 87 Octane Electric System 12.8 volts 170 volts Propeller diameter IVOPROP 3-blade Instruments Airspeed, Altimeter, Variometer Engine instruments Tachometer, EGT, CHT, Rescue System optional Trike length 8 feet, 3 inches Trike width, tire to tire 6 feet, 10 inches

Wiring need to be connected for the fuel level
BRS need to be repacked
BRS strap needed to be tied to mast(easy)
leading edge right has hole (dime size)
leading edge right is patched in about 1 1/2 inches due to wrong assembled by other person
The keel of the wing has very tiny dent but flyable
It fly perfectly anyway by several experienced pilots.

Shipping Details: Pick-up only at location. I will give detail where to pick the trike up. Located in Crestline, California. No shipping. If shipping is necessary, email to me.  If you"re interested in the trailer, it will cost $1800 Thank you for your interest.
Current date: 2016-05-14