“Project airplane 99 percent complete.” Beech 1975 1975 Beechcraft Sundowner C23: Total Time: 2190.

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Make: Beech Model Year: 1975
1975 Beechcraft Sundowner C23: Total Time: 2190 - Lycoming O360: Total Time: 2190 – TSMO: 246 – Since disassembly, inspection and reassembly: 11 This aircraft was damaged in a landing incident. The following damage occurred: 1. Left Outboard wing impact damage to Leading edge: patch repaired - skin aft bottom; removed and replaced - skin lower right hand: removed and replaced - skin Right hand forward corner: removed and replaced 3.Engine mount bent at lower attachment point: repaired - Propeller made contact with a dirt after stopping: replaced new - Damaged Spinner Cone: replaced used serviceable 6.Damaged Forward spinner Bulkhead: replaced used serviceable. Airplane is at 7B6A
Current date: 2019-10-20