“Professional construction used” Bede 1987 Bede 5B BD 5B Parts Aircraft Project This is a nice.

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Make: Bede Model Year: 1987
Bede 5B BD-5B Parts Aircraft Project This is a nice project, sold as parts only, without construction logs, Airworthiness Certificate, FAA bill of sale. Famed in the James bond spy movie Octopussy , and as the Coors light silver bullet, This aircraft has the paint scheme from the more recent Red Bulls aerobatic team This aircraft was built in Canada by Norm Bond in 1987 and has flown, but because there is no Hr meter in the aircraft the total time is unknown. Missing: Battery, Some things needs attention: Carburetor dissembled, Tires weather rotted, Radio dated, Canopy crazed but have replacement canopy (NOS) The good things: Fuselage stretched, Turbocharged Honda EB2 4 cycl Liquid cooled 100HP, controllable propeller(Veri prop) Long (b) wings Turbo Just overhauled, Complete drive system. Very nice construction, recently painted, BD5 pilot hand book, lightweight starter. So this would be a great airframe to go through and replace all the hoses, belt, tires etc and have a cheap BD5 or Remove the existing engine and sell the engine and drive train and convert to Jet and add Dynon glass panel have something worth $100,000.00 Possible jet engine for conversion located at ebay item 223762645042 Wings were just slipped over spars for visualization not connected.Delivery is available for paid for item $2.00 per mile calculated from google maps from area code 73096 .Must sign purchase agreement!
Current date: 2020-02-09