1960 Bellanca Here you go all you guys who can’t come look AGAIN NO TIRE KICKERS NO RIDES YOU BUY IT.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1960
Make: Bellanca
Here you go all you guys who can’t come look AGAIN NO TIRE KICKERS NO RIDES YOU BUY IT YOU FLY IT Bet this still won’t be enough pics 3450tt 87smoh in 2009 due to a job change we are moving up to a larger aircraft Up dated electrical this year adsb,main gear doors engine is an IO470f that’s balanced flow matched and has Gami injectors, main gear rebuilt this year, The engine was preserved during down time Recovered in the late 70’s but always hangared, complete logs/337’s and stc,s + boxes of paperwork and drawings. Fresh annual but we have not had time to fly her to activate the adsb Absolutely a joy to fly 140knts on 12.5 gph. all compressions in the 70,s INSPECTION REQUIRED BEFORE THE END OF THE AUCTION. Your bid is binding so make sure you have your crap together before biding this means ask the wife,girlfriend, boyfriend, dog,cat whoever controls your money If you feel the need for more pictures come look at it EBay will only let me upload so many pictures and I can’t make everyone happy, if you are a tire kicker go somewhere else, if your a scammer I’ve got all your numbers, and if you are rude or snotty don’t even bother me. $2000.00 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT DUE AT AUCTION CLOSE Via PayPal ,AIRCRAFT MUST BE REMOVED IN 14 DAYS AFTER END IF AUCTION. THE BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DOING THEIR OWN PRE PURCHASE INSPECTION AND REMOVING THE AIRCRAFT FROM K31WN BERLIN Wi Please do not ask for more pictures if your truly serious about the aircraft you will come look at it at that time you can see all the logs do an inspection and arrange a way to transport it. I am selling this plane for the price of the engine and propeller so beggars can’t be choosers.All forms of payment must clear my bank befor the aircraft will leave my hangar
Current date: 2020-08-25