Offering for sale a nice Cessna 150M Commuter Based on the log books this aircraft has 4,785.14.

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Condition: Used
Offering for sale a nice Cessna 150M Commuter Based on the log books this aircraft has 4,785.14 TTSN. The Continental O-200 engine has 1,689.68 TSMOH and 684.64 since top overhaul with replacement cylinders. Purchased in 2014 and last annual inspection was done 2/01/2019 at 4756.21 Recent new Concord battery, vacuum pump, magnetos, brake assemblies, tires, oil filter adapter, flap roller upgrade kit, wing strut fairings, STOL kit installed, LED landing light. Plane Plastics interior panels, Rosen visors, Airtex carpet, and TSO seat belts. Exterior paint from 2007 is nice but average with typical nicks, chips and scratches with some minor hail pings on the top surfaces. Over all the aircraft is very presentable and we receive compliments on the aircraft often and is mistaken frequently for a Cessna 152. Avionics include uAvionix tailBeacon ADS-B out, a KX-155 with glideslope, KMA20 audio panel, Narco AT50 transponder with encoder, Sigtronics SDB-800 intercom with jacks and PTT, ACK remote ELT. The panel is in very nice condition. Current time is 4586.6 TTSN and may change if flown more. Smooth running, easy to start, compressions low 70s or better, minimal oil use, and ready to fly. Next annual due Mar 2020. Bidding starts at $17,500 has no reserve, aircraft will sell to the highest bidder, as is, where is, with no warranties or guarantees of any kind. Aircraft is hangared and can be seen at any time. Good luck bidding. I think someone will get a very nice Cessna 150M for a good price with this auction.
To answer questions about cylinder compressions, at the last annual dated 2/01/2019 they were #1 78/80, #2 73/80, #3 79/80, #4 77/80. To answer questions about the logs, the engine log book starts 6/18/1981 which is about the time it was overhauled, and the airframe log starts in 6/20/1994. Squawk item, pilot"s PPT won"t transmit (copilot"s PPT transmits fine). Best guess is a bad mic jack on pilot"s side. I have not found anything unusual in the logs, but the entries appear to be routine maintenance, annual inspections, oil changes etc. If anyone wants additional photos of specific areas of the aircraft or last annual log book entry share your e-mail address and I will send them. Log books are available with the aircraft for review.
Current date: 2019-11-07