Cessna Citation: Multi Engine CESSNA CITATION JET Dry Lease This auction is for flight time in a.

Item specifics
Make: Cessna Citation: Multi-Engine
This auction is for flight time in a very nice Citation CE-550, "Super II" jet.
The aircraft is not for sale.
The jet is available for flight training, or "dry lease".
Buyer will receive 20 hours in a Citation Super II Jet
Seller provides the jet, insurance, and aircraft maintenance, included in the hourly cost.
The aircraft is based in Houston, Texas.......all repositioning costs, landing fees, etc are the responsibility of the buyer.
A signed "dry lease" agreement must be signed within 7 days of auction ending. This lease is not a commitment to buy flight time, it is an FAA requirement.
The Citation Super II has upgraded Williams FJ44-3A enginesThe upgraded engines provide more fuel efficiency, longer range, and greater speedmaximum speed of 490 miles per hour.range of 2000 miles9 passenger seats
Las Vegas to Houston in 2 hours, 45 minutesHouston to New York City in 3 hoursHouston to Key West in 2 hoursHouston to Cancun in 1 hour, 40 minutes
This Jet will cost a fraction of what companies charge that sell "Jet Cards" or Aircraft Charter. You control the costs, You decide where to go, and when.
No long term commitment, No "buy in" costs, No yearly fees.
All expenses are the responsibility of buyer, seller does not provide pilots or any other services. This aircraft is not being offered for charter.
Please contact Mike at Ascent Aviation LLC for any questions.
Current date: 2019-08-03