Cessna Citation: Multi Engine Cessna Citation 500ORLear Jet 35ASecond in CommandType RatingThis.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Cessna
Citation: Multi-Engine
Cessna Citation 500ORLear Jet 35ASecond in CommandType Rating
This auction is for flight training in a Citation CE-500 jet or Lear Jet 35A.
The aircraft is not for sale.
The jet is available for flight training, or "dry lease".
Minimum requirements for buyer:At least a Private Pilot License with a Multi-Engine Rating, and an Instrument Rating.
Buyer will receive either a Cessna Citation CE-500 or Lear 35A, LR-JET Second in Command Type Rating, 15+ hours of flight time in a jet, serving as Second in Command under Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 91. Training for Part 135 Regulations is available, but not included in this auction.
Do the math.......this training is the same price, or less, than renting a multi-engine airplane.....!!
Check out what a Citation student says about Ascent Aviation"s Citation pilot training: here Second in Command Type Rating qualifies the pilot to operate as a crewmember on the following aircraft:
Citation 500, Citation 501, Citation Stallion, Citation II, Citation Super II, Citation SII, Citation Super SII, Citation Bravo, Citation V, Citation Ultra, Citation Encore, Citation Encore+
Lear Jet, Lear 23, Lear 24, Lear 25, Lear 28, Lear 31, Lear 35, Lear 36, Lear 55
Training begins in the vicinity of beautiful Galveston Bay, and ends at airports all over the country...!!
It"s fun, it"s informative, and for aspiring professional pilots, it"s a must.
All of our graduates that pursued employment after training were hired, as professional pilots. Employers respect the dedication of an applicant that comes with a Jet Type Rating.
As an added bonus, pilots that need the following endorsements will receive them free of charge:
instrument proficiency checkhigh altitude endorsement
Current date: 2020-11-15