“Relist due to bad ebayer This is a Corben Ace, only a Project because it’s been in storage. I.

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Relist due to bad buyer photos of his conversation included. will not allow me to call him out or give him bad strikes. Sellers beware of the fine print He never contacted me no questions. Could have ended the auction retracted his bid worked with him on payment any of thise options. Only contact was as soon as auction closed saying not paying. Total deadbeat. Now the details This is a Corben Ace, only a Project because it’s been in storage. I bought it recently as a package deal and have decided to sell it. I have no logs or paperwork except a clean bill of sale from the Wright Patterson Airforce Museum. I was told it’s a Chevy engine but have no idea. It does turn over. Just got it unloaded and haven’t spent much time to investigate it. Missing the instruments and intake manifold and carb. Other than that it looks complete. Looks like an older build, but extremely well done. Wing tanks and a fuselage tank. Thought I would throw it on here and see if it sells. I have too many projects and it’s so cute if it stays here I’ll work on it and need to work on other things. . Storage can be arranged if paid for in full and possibly delivery depending on location. Has a little hangar rash from storage on aileron wing root and back of one gear leg NO other damage. Not sure what it is covered with. No prop. Thank you.
Current date: 2020-01-20