1997 Dassault Dassault Falcon 50 Dry Lease (25 Hour Block) Aircraft is NOT for sale DRY LEASE ONLY.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1997
Make: Dassault
Dassault Falcon 50 Dry Lease (25 Hour Block) Aircraft is NOT for sale ...DRY LEASE ONLY!!!!
No security...No TSA...No patdowns...no bagchecks...no taking off your shoes...no viruses on this jet!You drive up to the plane and go!
No commercial travel bans...
The best, fastest, and most economical tri engine jet ever builtFresh 12/24Fresh GearFresh C CheckADS-B OutAirshow 400Aircell inflight wifi10 passenger configurationFull Aft Lavatory!All new Paint and Interior (2017, Duncan Aviation)Presidential Maintenance at Dassault!Check out our program at dupageaviation.comIn full compliance with AC 91-37B
TFE 731-3-1C Engines (MSP GOLD)Garrett GTCP36-100(A) APU (MSP GOLD)
Intercontinental Range! 3600 Nautical Miles (7 Hour Endurance) You can fly basically anywhere nonstop!
This aircraft is based at KDPA (Dupage, Illinois) and is available for dry lease!
Dry Leasing means...You retain operational control, you buy the fuel...you pay the crew...I cannot supply them, although I can give you a list of insurance approved PIC"s in my area...
Fuel cost average is about $1,100 for the first hour and goes down approx $100 a hour for every subsequent hour as the plane gets lighter!
Please do not message me asking "how much for a trip to XXXXX" I sell blocks of hours!
Remember....when you charter a plane...they charge you twice...they don"t just leave the plane with you on your trip...they charge to drop you off, fly back to base...then back to get you, then wherever you have to go...it"s insane!
This is like YOU are the owner of the plane...you make those decisions!
My prices are about 50% of the average charter rates...
Remember...the MSP and APU charges I pay are $1200 per hour...I pay $100,000 a year in maintenance...$30,000 a year on insurance...40K a year to store the plane...$6,000 a year on databases, $48,000 a year on WIFI!!! $7,000 a year on maintenance tracking....so my prices are very fair...
Lets get you on the program and you and your loved ones away from the Virus! (312) 809-2494
Current date: 2020-03-14