Up for bid is my Fisher Flying Products, 404, biplane. I have owned the plane for 10 years and it.

Item specifics
Condition: Used
Up for bid is my Fisher Flying Products, 404, biplane. I have owned the plane for 10 years and it has 242 hours on it, of which I put 225 of those hours. The reason for selling the plane is because I just bought a larger one. It is a wonderful and easy plane to fly. The stall is very gentle and straight forward. The dihedral is such that if you put in too much bank, the wing will drop back to level flight. If you ever wanted to know what it is like to fly an early WWI fighter, this plane will give you that experience. The changes I"ve made were specifically designed to make the plane appear to be of very early vintage and I think I have succeeded. One day, just after I landed, a married couple came over to me and asked if they could look over my plane, explaining that every time they saw me flying, they would sit in their front yard to watch. Finally curiosity got the best of them. After walking around the 404, the husband turned to his wife and said, "Now honey, that"s an old plane!" If you would like to see the plane in flight, just get on YouTube and type in, "High flying in a fisher 404 biplane" for the first video and "Peel off" for the second. The videos were made in 2012, before I made the modifications. The plane has always been hangered. Fabric is not perfect but in good flyable condition. I can keep the plane in my rental hanger until the end of September. Possible longer is you pay the rent. THE PLANE COMES WITH:1. Original plans2. Ballistic chute (which I took off the plane and have kept in my den). Needs re-certification)3. Rotax 503, CDI, dual ignition, engine4. Manuals and other misc. items5. Electric start6. Gascolator7. Brand new battery8. Brand new Tiny Tach.9. New tires10. Brakes11. Dual fuel delivery system. 1. Mikuni dual pump 2. Electric pump12. Four point harness13. Five gallon fuel tank14. Gearbox
UPGRADES, THAT I ADDED, plus their cost:1. GSC ground adjustable propeller. Just had it"s every 5 year factory inspection $420.002. Heavy duty tail wheel assembly $120.003. Coil spring landing gear. Replaces the bungy cords. $250.004. Front prop balance and rear crank balancers. These are original Balance Master"s, $140.00 not the cheap knock offs.5. Lifetime guaranteed starter housing. The original Rotax housings cracked on a $350.00 regular basis, so I bought an expensive, machined housing. ------------- $1,280.00
INSTRUMENT PANEL COMES WITH:1. Airspeed indicator2. Altimeter3. Compass4. Turn and bank indicator5. Clear glass and metal fuel filter6. Tiny Tach. with hour meter (on wing brace)7. Regular tachometer (in dash)8. Fuel shut off valve9. Clock10. Dual CHT gauge11. Dual EGT gauge12. Mag check switch13. Kill switch14. Start button15. Fuel primer
MODIFICATIONS THAT I MADE:1, Raised the landing gear by five inches. I fly off a grass strip and the original gear only put the prop 8 inches off the ground. If the grass got high it became a lawn mower2. Replaced the single piece of plexi wind screen, with a three sided one that looks like a WWI fighter plane would have3. Custom metal cowling. Again to make it look old plus increase cooling efficiency. The originally cowling was also used on Fishers Piper Cub and a Cub cowling on a WWI fighter looked a little strange. The original cowling comes with the plane4. Quick change fuel tank *5. Removal instrument panel covering *6. Removal firewall top panel *
* Prior to these modifications, if you wanted to work on the instruments, fuel tank or behind the firewall, you either had to crawl upside down into the cockpit or spend hours removing the top panel and wing supports. Now it only takes minutes.7. Replaced metal instrument panel with a custom made wood one8. Wrapped the stick in leather9. Covered the top sides of the cockpit with brown vinyl covered padding.
Current date: 2019-09-03