“USED VERY LITTLE. A must out in the field when you have no power. Perfect for almost all rivets and.

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Make: FSI - Fastening Systems International
FSI - Fastening Systems International D-100-RN Hand Hydraulic Riveter and Nut setter. Hand Hydraulic Riveter & Nutsetter- No External Power NecessaryPowerful - 3,750 lbs. Pull ForceVersatile - Installs Most Blind Rivets Up to 1/4" and Rivet Nuts Up to 3/8" Aluminum and 1/4-20 SteelEfficient - .625" StrokeMade in the USA
The D-100-RN Hand Hydraulic Riveter and Nut-Setter Kit features FSI’s D-100-C hand hydraulic and U.S. made tool. The D-100-RN kit can install a wide variety of blind fasteners including CherryMax blind rivets, Cherry Blind Bolts, Rivnuts and blind inserts. The D-100-C requires no external power, making the D-100-RN Kit ideally suited for any limited production or repair operation. Because of its lightweight and compact size, the D-100-RN KIT can be used in limited access areas where other riveters often require very costly adaptive tooling. With the D-100-RN Kit, you are ready to repair, restore, maintain, or customize automobiles, vans, buses, RVs, boats and small aircraft. The D-100-RN kit features four (4) nosepieces for riveting and four (4) stud/anvil combinations for nut-setting in a carrying case..
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Current date: 2021-04-03