Tri R Technologies 2020 KIS Super Cruiser TR4 “Blackbird” kit for sale This is the one and only TR4.

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Make: Tri-R Technologies Model Year: 2020
KIS Super Cruiser TR4 “Blackbird” kit for sale
This is the one and only TR4 made using all carbon fiber.
Currently the wings are fully finished and ready to go. As in fully finished I mean fully. They are in final paint (white and perfect), controls in place, wiring in place, lights in place, super long-range fuel tanks installed and sealed and control surfaces painted and ready. They have been fully fitted and just need to be bolted on to the fuselage.
The fuselage is still open to allow for systems to be installed but the bulkheads are glassed in, seats in place (will need the upholstery), controls in place, carbon fiber covered firewall in place, fuel valve in place and instrument panel mounted but simply removable and hinged for easy access. The top of the fuselage has been test fitted and the doors have been assembled with windows and fitted. The horizontal is finished and removed for transport. The rudder and elevator are finished and final painted. The nose gear has been fitted but removed for transport. The main and aft spar center sections are fitted. There are provisions for both trigear and tail dragger landing gear. You can assemble it as either and change between the two at any time.
What still needs to be done: Wheels and brakes need to be bought and fitted. The panel is ready for your choice of instruments and avionics. The firewall is ready for your choice of engine. Fuselage needs to be wired and most plumbing. The fuselage top needs to be final bonded in place. The windows need to be bonded in place. The pre-fitted doors need to be bolted on. The cowling needs to be installed and the fuselage needs to be painted.
This really is the best TR4 ever for a number of reasons. The carbon fiber makes it both lighter and stronger. For example a full rollover structure was added and the carbon eliminates the need for seat bulkheads that limit room and access. The wing placement allows for an IO-540 without tail ballast. The windows are thicker for less interior noise and more protection at the higher speeds possible with the larger engine. With an IO-540 you should be able to cruise at 216mph+ (188knots) with a range of 3000 miles. Yes this aircraft is made for cruising! Stall is still a nice safe low 62mph (54 knots).
In 1999 I had recently graduated from CalPoly with an MSAERO and was working for Tri-R Technologies and Rich Trickel and Scott Stearns was working as an aerospace engineer for Scaled Composites and Burt Rutan. Burt had a freezer full of aerospace certified carbon fiber prepreg that they were not using so Scott and I bought the whole lot. I then used some of this carbon fiber to build all the parts for a TR4 kit with some fully engineered upgrades to allow for a bigger engine, higher speed, higher gross weight, lighter airframe weight, more useful load and more interior room. At that time Scott was building a TR1 also with carbon fiber wings made using the Rutan carbon fiber. Scott’s TR1 is now by far the nicest and fastest TR1 in the fleet.
About 7 years ago Scott had finished his TR1 and started building the all carbon TR4 (Blackbird). The workmanship is fantastic as you could expect from a 2-time builder and former Scaled Composites aerospace engineer. But our plans have changed and it is time to sell.
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The first picture is of a completed KIS TR4 Cruiser and this aircraft is available for a test flight. This completed aircraft is not for sale in this listing.
Current date: 2020-09-30