“Mosquito AIR – For simplicity and pure “out there” flying experience consider the Mosquito Air..

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“Mosquito AIR – For simplicity and pure “out there” flying experience consider the Mosquito Air. This is as basic and thrilling as it gets, cruising over the landscape below with little to obstruct your view or the exhilaration of the wind rushing past. This pure fun ship can be flown under FAA Part 103 ultralight rules and does not require aircraft registration or pilot license*. No Pilots License Required To Fly This Helicopter In USA**Mosquito ultralight helicopter pictures, Mosquito experimental helicopter images, Mosquito light sport helicopter photographs, Light Sport Aircraft Pilot newsmagazine aircraft directory.Light Sport Aircraft Pilot is a directory of aircraft that generally fit into what is described as ultralight aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, lightsport aircraft, experimental aircraft, amateur built aircraft, or homebuilt aircraft in the United States and Canada.”
Model: Mosquito- AIR Mosquito- XEL Mosquito- XE Mosquito- XE3XET Turbine Mosquito- Manufacturers Specifications** Length: Airframe / Overall16 ft / 20 ft16 ft / 20 ft16 ft / 20 ft16 ft / 20 ft16 ft / 20 ftWidth72 inch72 inch72 inch72 inch72 inchHeight83 inch84 inch84 inch84 inch84 inchMain Rotor Diameter18 ft19 ft 6 inch19 ft 6 inch19 ft 6 inch19 ft 6 inchTail Rotor Diameter40 inch40 inch40 inch40 inch40 inch ----XE series dimensional drawingEmpty Weight254 lb312 lb298 lb360 lb433 lbGross Weight530 lb610 lb610 lb720 lb820 lbUseful Load250 lb240 lb240 lb290 lb290 lbUseful Load w/ optional aux tankn/an/a 240 lbFuel Capacity5 gallon5 gallon12 gallon12 gallon12 gallonOptional Aux Fuel Capacityn/an/a8 gallon8 gallon8 gallonEngineCRE MZ202 2cylCRE MZ202 2cylCRE MZ202 2cylCRE MZ301 3cylSolar T62-2A1Engine Power: HP/KW64 hp / 45 kw64 hp / 45 kw64 hp / 45 kw85 hp / 63 kw90 hp / 67 kwBattery/Starter12 VDC12 VDC12 VDC12 VDC Alternator180 watt180 watt180 watt180 watt Mosquito XE Dimensional Chart Mosquito- Performance **AIRXELXEXE3XET TurbineMaximum Speed70 mph80 mph80 mph100+ mph100+ mphCruise Speed60 mph65 mph75 mph80 mph80 mphClimb Rate (est)900 fpm900 fpm900 fpm1200 fpm1200 fpmFlight Time: Standard / Aux Tanks~ 1 hr / n/a1 hr / n/a2.2 hr / 4.0 hr2.0 hr / 3.6 hr1.3 hr / 2.2 hrRange: Standard / Aux Tanks60 miles60 miles150 / 250 miles150 / 250 miles100 / 160 milesFuel Consumption4.5 gal/hour4.5 gal/hour4.5 gal/hour5 gal/hour8.5 gal/hourMain Rotor RPM540540540590590Tail Rotor RPM25002500250027002700Hover in Ground Effect8000 ft8000 ft8000 ft9500 ft9000 ftHover Out of Ground Effect6500 ft6500 ft6500 ft7500 ft7000 ft ** Performance specifications provided by the manufacturer are believed to be accurate at the time of publication.
Current date: 2017-01-13