“This aircraft was geared up at the Lakefront airport in New Orleans. Minor fuselage damage, Engines.

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Make: Piper
This aircraft was geared up at the Lakefront airport. Company purchased it to rebuild as Seminoles are so hard to find. We purchased three more Seminoles so never got around to rebuliding this aircraft. However, we do have good props, rebuilt engines included turbos and many accessories, bearings, etc. Professional shop split the cases and rebuilt the engines. Only had 400 hours SMOH. We removed the avionics to secure them. The include two Garmin 430W GPS units, com. panel, transponder, radar, autopilot, airconditioning. This plane Bluebooks out at over $150,000 when rebuilt. With the eninges and props installed, and the skid strips on the underside, the plane can be flown and ferried. Turbocharging makes this plane a favorite for mountain areas, but also nice to fly over weather. We have the log books on props, eninges, and airframe. Engines themselves are valued at over $50,000, and avionics at over $12,000. Airconditioning makes it nice in warmer weather. Just a real nice project that will not take that long to get back into the air. This plane is for sale locally and listing may expire early.
Current date: 2019-08-09