2004 Revolution Revolution mini 500 turbine helicopter . This is one of the nicest mini 500.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 2004
Make: Revolution
Revolution mini 500 turbine helicopter . This is one of the nicest mini 500 helicopters ever made. Has been in a private collection for many years. This is a collectable helicopter and of museum quality. This helicopter has been completely redesigned form the original mini 500s. This helicopter has a modified 115HP T-62 APU turbine powerplant with incredible lifting ability. This was a professional built and redesigned mini 500 helicopter . This helicopter was built to be shown off it is beautiful inside and out . Including painted rotor blades and tail rotor blades to match this world class paint job. Be the envy of everybody at any event with this helicopter in your collection. Only 44hrs total time on this mini 500 helicopter. Comes with technical drawings of the turbine and a complete overhaul manual as well. This helicopter is no longer registered and will need to be looked over by a qualified A&P mechanic. Talking with the original builder of this aircraft the blades will need to be balanced due to being taken on and off for transport before any flight. Helicopter does come with a micro blade balancer. Due to this helicopter needing balancing and being in a collection for a long period of time we are selling it as a non airworthy aircraft and it is your responsibility to have a professional go through this aircraft for safe flight and sign off on it. Bill of sale will state you will not hold seller responsible for death loss of life limb or property due to operation of this aircraft. With all that being said. These helicopters are becoming extinct. This is a piece of helicopter history. Not only that, but this particular helicopter is an amazing show piece of engineering and beauty . Even the person who invented the Revolution mini 500 helicopter told me it was the nicest turbine Mini 500 he had ever seen . There is a surprise on the belly of this helicopter that no one can see unless you are flying above them or coming in for a landing. I never even noticed this artwork underneath for weeks it is so well placed.
Current date: 2021-04-15