Spectrum Beaver RX 28 Highwing Ultralight Spectrum Beaver RX 28 aircraft, single seat and Rotax.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Spectrum Beaver RX-28
Highwing Ultralight Spectrum Beaver RX-28 aircraft, single seat and Rotax engine and reduction gearbox. Plane and engine sold separately. Plane $1000. Engine $2500. Plane - Hall A/S indicator and bracket; Tachometer; Rocket assisted parachute with hand control; Tail wheel; UV treated sail cloth. All the parts are here except the composite propeller. Some assembly required. Assembly Manual included along with the Ultralight Vehicle Documentation papers. Aircraft design date August 1984. Rebuilt Rotax 277 motor with only 6 hours of use. 5.0 gallon tank. With the motor, plane is too heavy to be used as an ultralight. For pick up only. No shipping.
Current date: 2020-09-10