“Like brand new. Comes with instructor station, desk, chair, accessories and the room (12 4X8.

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This REDBIRD TD-2 is like new, low hours with lots of extras. It has the three screens, instructor station and extras like the Redbird custom table, and it"s enclosed in a cubical built just for the simulator that can be disassembled (12 4x8 sheets) and reassembled at your site. It has heat and air, its well insulated and carpeted. This whole set up would cost some fifteen thousand to buy new, and its as new as a new unit for only $9000. plus $1000. if you want the cubical room. So for $10,000 you have saved $5000. and have a very unique sim room and a TD-2 that is current and very low time. The whole thing can be transported on a 6 x 8 or 10 foot trailer and the simulator unit itself packed into a mid sized car. It can be delivered for a fee, its easy to use and Redbird tech support can be done via the internet, they can take control of the unit and fix or trouble shoot any issues you may have, but to date, I"ve had no issues. It has rudder pedals, and is set up for both fixed prop and gear and retractable as well. The TD-2 is by far, a really nice simulator with lots of procedures you"d never be able to create in the actual plane, this is a great way to get and stay instrument current or to get those emergencies practiced so if and when they hit for real, you"re ready for them. Its FAA approved and a plus for anyone or any flight training center that is serous about safety to have on hand and available to pilots. It can be used for VFR training as well as IFR procedures. If you have any questions call me at (414) 881-0070 (my cell phone) and I"ll be happy to answer your questions. This is a cash sale, and it requires a $1000. deposit that is none-refundable should fail to complete the sale. Like I said, disassembly of the sim room and delivery is available for a fee, but it must all be paid for before it leaves my facility.
Current date: 2020-03-03