1973 Cessna Cessna 182 P Skylane TTAF: 6200 Engine TSMOH: 1050 Propeller TSPOH: 350 Has Fresh Annual.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1973
Make: Cessna

Cessna 182-P Skylane TTAF: 6200
Engine TSMOH: 1050
Propeller TSPOH: 350
Has Fresh Annual Inspection
Has about 50 hrs. with all 6 new superior cylinder assemblies. Engine was torn down to reseal the crankcase halves at that time. JPI 830 EDM installed, Electroluminescent instrument lighting system on instrument panel, All Garmin radio stack, no mix and matching brands. We all know Garmin is the leader in modern Avionics. Led landing lights and everywhere else we have lights on planes. Has new motor mount fixture. Super upholstery on seats, carpet, all plastics are wrapped in vinyl to protect against breaking and custom embroidery work. If you"ve ever purchase a replacement plastic you know there a pretty penny. Rosen Sunvisors, Precision air vents which are both stc"d items. Super clock also installed. Paint job is in excellent condition for exception of some minor scratches from being in group hangar. This is a hangared aircraft. Theres other planes on the market that either have 1 of the 5 things you look for when purchasing aircraft but never all 5. There"s always something.
1) Airframe
2) Engine
3) Propeller
4) Avionics
5) Complete Log Books
This plane has it all in excellent condition and good standing in the above fields.
The only thing this aircraft needs is a 3 axis autopilot. But that"s just me. You may like to fly the old fashion way. Also I would overhaul Propeller because it hasn"t been to the shop since 2006 but shows no signs of it needing maintenance. It"s called preventive maintenance.
Any questions please message me.
Christopher de Leon
Located in Donna, Texas, United States.
Current date: 2018-06-01